Friday, March 19, 2010


I realized that I started this blog with the intention of sharing weight loss goals, continued it to share teaching ideas and have slacked from doing either. Thought I would provide a neat idea for characterization.

You can modify this activity (I did) for any book, but we are using it for Romeo and Juliet. Most students are familiar with a recipe, but they may not realize that you can break a character down and turn them into individual ingredients before creating a recipe. Here's my handout:

Romeo and Juliet Character Recipe, 30 pts

For this activity, you will demonstrate your understanding of a character by “creating” them in a recipe form with a partner.

Preparation Tips1. Select a character from Romeo and Juliet (You may not use Friar Lawrence).
2. List the character traits and descriptions as they appear in the play.
3. Determine what events you believe helped shape the character.
4. Look at the example to see how to write your recipe.


Recipe for Stovetop Friar

Ingredients:4 cups Religion
1 drop Regret
2 cups Helpfulness
2 tsp Planning Ability
4 tbsp Good Intentions
¼ cup Hopefulness

Mix Religion and Helpfulness together. Slowly pour in Good Intentions while continuing to stir. In a separate bowl, mix Planning Ability and Hopefulness. Set aside.

Pour Religion into a skillet and begin cooking over medium high heat. Bring to a simmer. Slowly add Planning Ability and Hopefulness. Bring to a boil.
After mixture is boiled through, add one drop of regret and let it spread throughout. Result: One sorry Friar.

Two star-crossed lovers

I also made recipe cards on microsoft publisher and will be asking the students to paste them to construction paper to make them a little more colorful. It's a fun and creative activity that still drives home the idea of characterization. Bon Apetite!