Bucket List

I reserve the right to change and add as things in my life also change.

1.  live in a house with a red front door.  December 2010
2.  visit Paris, Spain, Greece and Mexico.
3.  start my Master's degree (Aug. 2011)
4.  become a mom. (March 30, 2013)
5.  write a book.
6.  get my brother to read The Kite Runner.  (Feb. 2012)
7.  live debt-free.
8.  take Salsa/Dancing lessons with Chris.
9.  figure out how to avoid alienating people.  (May 2011--living in freedom to Christ alone)
10.  be a part of a real mystery theatre.
11.  participate in a read-aloud event for children.
12.  host a movie-marathon night where we project films on a sheet on the back of my house.
13.  own an outdoor kitchen.
14.  learn to play the guitar well.
15.  write a song.
16.  read Orthodoxy and finish The Everlasting Man.
17.  buy a paddle boat.
18.  own the perfect couch.  (February 2011)
19.  cook a gourmet meal--preferably a French one.
20.  weigh what my license says I weigh.
21.  encourage at least one person in their relationship with Christ. (Let's be realistic.  I'd like to do this on a regular basis, but I'm going to consider Women's Bible Study meeting the criteria--3/2011)
22.  hang pictures in my house
23.  own a really stunning pair of pink (or yellow!), snakeskin, high heels.
24.  have the ability to run an entire mile without stopping.
25.  finish the guest room (night stands 5/25/12, blinds, lamps 11/2012, furniture, closet organizer 12/2012, closet doors 12/2012)--(Uhh...had a second baby and needed a second nursery 6/22/2014)
26.  finish decorating the master bedroom (pictures over the bed, curtains 4/2012, chair in corner with reading lamp)

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