I started this blog to keep myself accountable on a weight loss journey that failed almost as soon as it started.  Back in those days, I had one follower (Morgan).  Morgan and I were attending an exercise class and trying to encourage each other in our weight loss.  Turns out, she lost weight and I gained an outlet.  But it wasn't a bad exchange.

It took almost a year for this blog to become an account of my hapless adventures into life as we know it.

Before you continue, though, you should know I am  no Pulitzer Prize winning author, and I am probably the saddest person to ever man a camera.  It's pretty unlikely I'm going to apologize for those things, but I feel it necessary to acknowledge the truth. 

So here's a little bit of truth you will likely see addressed fairly regularly:

A few years ago, Favorite and I found ourselves going through some really difficult life circumstances.  When we started paying attention to people around us who were also enduring hardship, we found that many of them stood and testified to a lie--that life was wonderful and fabulous when life was actually beating those people over the head with a baseball bat.  After witnessing that, I promised myself I would be as honest as possible about the situations I was facing.  That's when this blog become what it is today--my Weight-loss-Wantin'-PCOS-Dealin'-Christian-Living-Students-Learnin'-School-Lesson-Planning-Whining-Reading-Freaking-Out-House-Building-Improving-Distaster-Dealin'-With-A-Freak-Side-Show-of-Infertility database.  But it's nothing if not real.

In the last few years, I've learned that if Christianity is anything, it is a relationship based religion.  Relationship means pouring into the lives of others and living as transparently as possible while pointing to Christ.  If nothing else, I work to make this blog an honest representation of my journey to real intimacy with my Savior.

There is no one subject on this blog.  I'm likely to discuss or post about any of the following:
*  Lesson plans (I teach high school English)
*  Educational Policy
*  Various pictures of Favorite wearing hats
*  House upgrades (We finished building our dream home in 2011)
*  PCOS (and everything that comes with it)
*  Weight Loss
*  Funny things I encounter
*  What I wore (even though I'm no fashionista)
*  Things that bother me
*  Things that occur to me
*  Jesus  (A lot.  I talk about my relationship with Him a ton.  Feel free to ask questions.)

You should also know that even though I haven't won the Pulitzer Prize nor am I a photographer (thought I would re-emphasize those things in case you forgot), I am still rather possessive of my intellectual property.  Therefore, please remember that the words and most of the pictures on this blog are mine.  (If something isn't mine, I link back or provide a source link.  Always.)  If you take them without permission, you are a douche-rocket.

Actually, you're just committing plagiarism, but I'm pretty sure that makes you a douche-rocket.  So just ask if you want to use something, or link back to me and shoot me an email or a comment.  Then we can be friends and I don't have to make up creative names for you.