Monday, December 28, 2009

Paranoia and Other Messy Titles

Christmas is over. Although, today I'm taking my 7 year old friend (and her friend) bowling so excitement and nervousness prevails.

It's cold outside now--much colder than I would've believed it could get a week ago. Seems like winter has finally hit, and with it a barrage of things that would be much prettier tucked under a blanket of snow. Seems the older I get, the more of those things I encounter. I envy those people who successfully manage avoidance as a life strategy. For some reason, that strategy has never worked for me. I never actually get the opportunity to avoid the things I don't want to deal with because they follow me.

Maybe it's because too many things bother me. Chris wonders sometimes why the ideals of stupid people upset me. I guess it's because they often catch me off-guard. Maybe I should be more prepared for the stupidity of others, but they shock me every time. On the way home last night, Chris and I talked about people who believe that women are less than equal and men who are extremely intimidated by an intelligent and capable woman. I don't understand it.

I also don't understand why people at church won't bring their babies to us in the nursery. Do they see something in me that I don't see? Do I seem like I would be an incapable caregiver? I've always had a blast with the kids who do come to the nursery, and, as far as I know, they've all left with their arms, legs and heads in tact...but maybe there's something there I'm just not seeing.

Or maybe today is a day for paranoia.

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