Saturday, November 3, 2012

We're Moving (Out of Our Trailer)

Favorite is on vacation for the next week so we're finally going to move out of our trailer.

No, there is no reason to remind me that we've lived in our house for almost two years.  Consider it to be an emotional decision.  We were so excited to move into the house, we just forgot the trailer even existed.

I'd offer you pictures of its aluminum magnificence, but I hestitate to share my shame make other people jealous--particularly when there are so many other reasons to be jealous of my way awesome life.

Let's take our church fall festival last week.

I discovered what Favorite would look like with a full head of hair:

Now that?  Is a sexy beast.  A totally a reason for you to forget about the trailer and envy me for my choice in man candy.  Ignore the fact that he accidentally trimmed his facial hair a bit too closely and, as a result, looked about 10 years younger than normal.

Of course, I didn't want him to feel like he was the only one who could pull off a truly awesome hair-do.

It's me, no?

I'm working on outfits to truly optimize it's sophistication.

But my real talent comes in the form of pumpkin carving.

See that?  Not one lesson.  And it's an original design.

And it won a prize.  (Unlike my chili.  But it's OK.  Eventually I'll recover from the fact that Favorite is now in love with my music minister's wife because she's a better cook than I am.  How did that happen?  I used to be awesome.  Clearly I've spent too much time working on my appearance [see above] and capitalizing on my knife skills [Um.  Obviously].  He'd best watch himself.)

The trailer is going to have to wait, though.  We're going to celebrate a second birthday for this little princess:

Guess Favorite will be on his own this week while I'm at work...

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