Friday, June 7, 2013

#100inJuneChallenge Update #1

At the time I'm writing (Thursday afternoon--hey, I gotta get it in when Little Britches is sleeping), I have 74 miles left to go in the #100inJuneChallenge.  I feel awesome about the progress I'm making, so here's what's working so far:

1.  An 8:30 am appointment with my Mom Monday through Friday--Y'all.  I am not a fan of the track.  I get bored easily and then start trying to talk my companions into quitting for the day.  So Mom and I have a route (about 2.6 miles) we walk through town.  There's no quitting half way through because no matter what?  We have to drag our sorry butts make it back to the car.  Laugh if you must, but enjoy our ingenious approach at workout accountability.

2.  RunKeeper--I love this app on my phone because it tracks my route, tracks my calories and lets me set goals.  Then, it keeps me updated regarding how close I am to meeting that goal.  Plus, Mom and I feel like we're slacking if our average pace per mile goes up.  Motivation, people.  Motivation.

3.  MyFitnessPal--Part of my commitment to the #100inJuneChallenge is to get myself back on the healthy train.  I use this app to track my calories and exercise.  It's easy to use and a good reminder of how much that donut is going to cost.  Six more miles of running?  No thank you.  I'll eat a handful of blueberries instead.

4.'ve never been great at meal planning, but PepperPlate makes it so easy.  I can use the app on my phone or log into the website, import recipes (I use SkinnyTaste a LOT!), plan meals for the next two weeks and then import those ingredients into a shopping list I can print and take to the grocery store (or check off on my phone).  It also helps me calorie plan for evenings out, etc.

Now for the realistic portion of this update:

I weigh every day--not because I want to torture myself, but because it keeps me on track.  Downside?  Three days into this venture I had gained (gained, not lost) two pounds.  I'm counting calories, and exercising far more than I have in the last few months and I showed a gain?

I stared at my scale and tried not to cry.  And I promise I didn't look in the mirror and think about how beautiful I was.  Truthfully, I'm having a hard time looking in the mirror these days.  I know everything I need to do.  I know I can make progress.  But I also remember how slow and painstaking that progress is.

A year ago I was trying to internalize the same things I'm attempting to remember now:  I need to renew my mind to stay the course when there are no immediate rewards.

It's hard.  Walking when my entire body is sore because I went from walking 0 miles a day to walking 6 miles a day is hard.  Averaging under 1500 calories a day due to careful calorie consideration and lots of exercise is hard.  Hearing old women at the Dairy Queen comment that I am now "as big as" another girl she knows who has gained a lot of weight is hard.  (Her actual comment:  "Well you're as big as such and such."  Ouch.)

But right now?  I'm over my walking goal for the week with two days left to go.  So I'm going to count this a win.  And that 100 miles?  I'm going to own it. 

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How are you doing?


Ms. Hays said...

It's as though you read my mind before writing today's post. Yesterday I went for a long walk (hooray!) with a friend, but neither of us wore a gadget to keep track of our speed or distance (we had an estimate of our time out). The RunKeeper app is a perfect solution! I downloaded it this morning before taking my pups on a short walk. Love it! Thanks for the great rec! :)

Established: 2008 said...

I hate that feeling when you look at the scale and it doesn't do what you want. I've started Couch to 5k (for like the fifth time) but I'm supplementing with walking too. Good luck!

Katie said...

I'm proud of my progress, but it is so frustrating when it doesn't show on the scale. I'm trying to remember that if I keep working it will, and that comparison is the thief of joy. And there's a lot to be joyful about.

HopeAnn Wallace said...

Hi Crys!

You're an inspiration! Those two pounds are probably lean muscle. You're body is changing for the better. Muscle burns more fat.

Some people really annoy me. Like the person who said that HORRIBLE comment to you. It's not worth repeating. She reminds me of those women who ask other women if they are pregnant. If you don't know for sure you probably shouldn't ask. How rude! Yes! That's happened to me after I lost 20 pounds and after I gave birth to my son. Ignore people like that. They have no manners.

You just need to keep on keepin' on. I can't believe you've already reached your goal for the week. That's fantastic.

Blessings to you.

toocount said...

I very much also enjoy freestyle walking versus the track. It's more interesting.

Four and 1/2 years ago I contemplated how best to track calories and decided to simply use my memory. I seems to activate the mind as an ally. I kept track of progress on my blogspot - still going.

Thanks for the encouraging writing and reaffirmation of the inspiration of walking.