Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Been One Week

It's been a long week--stuck at home in the middle of a snow storm that wasn't nearly as bad as the ice we got last year. I wish I felt more motivated when I had this time. Instead, I feel like laying in bed and reading. Or sitting in the bathtub and reading. Or laying on the couch and reading. Of course, none of those things means stuff around my house gets done, and even fewer of them help with the weight loss goals I've set for this year.

Why is it easier to stay on track when you are on a schedule? This is nothing I've been able to figure out, but it certainly leads me to a healthy fear/respect of that open summer vacation I'll be looking at in a few months. So far I gained 1/2 lb after a weekend retreat--and the first weigh-in we had during our Biggest Loser competition at school. We didn't get to weigh-in this week due to the snow storm, but I'm hoping to see an 8% loss next week. Is that unrealistic thinking? Possibly, but that goal will hopefully drive me when I want to stare into the fridge for the 14 millionth time...

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