Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hazy Saturday Morning

I went Zumba-ing with my friend Morgan yesterday and then we went out to eat with our husbands at Buffalo Wild Wings. I'm going to have to learn a couple of things in my attempt to make real lifestyle changes. At the top of the list? Buffalo Wild Wings does not work for me.

It's time I get serious about this losing weight thing. I've changed a lot of my eating habits so that I'm not eating crazy stuff anymore, but I need to be more careful when I go out to eat. AND, and this is the one that kills me every time, I'm really going to have to devote myself to exercise. Zumba is no big deal. Since I have a buddy there, I have to go. But the other two days a week I SHOULD be exercising? Yeah...I pretty well do nothing. It's time to bite the bullet. If I really want to show big losses on the Biggest Loser thing, I'm going to need to get going.

I wonder how many calories I used to burn worrying about clothes, boys and makeup? It must've been a lot, because I'm significantly fatter now than I used to be. Can I legitimately blame my husband for a lot of that? I mean, if not for him, I would still be worrying about clothes, boys and makeup, right?

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