Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dresses and bad legs

I absolutely love dresses. I love flow-y material that looks feminine. I love the idea of dresses and how girly one can look in them. I especially love that it is sometimes possible to buy a dress in a full size smaller because they are flared around hips and thighs.

This season I am appreciative that the "maxi" dress has come back into style. Long dresses are imperative for those of us who don't have the prettiest legs. I am cursed two-fold: I cannot tan and have the whitest legs known to man, and I have man-calves. I just don't have cute legs. But the maxi dress allows for all the femininity without the worry of ugly legs. One would think the problem is solved, right?

Nope. Now, on top of worrying about whether a dress is long enough to cover my legs, I am always concerned about the issue of modesty. For those of us with a rather generous helping up top, it becomes difficult to find things that are both modest and attractive. I am not interested in wearing a turtleneck every day of my life; however, I am also uninterested in flashing my top half to the free world. Surely there is an in between, right? Surely it's possible to provide a little more material for the sake of covering one's self.

I had always considered myself blessed because that generous portion meant my waist looked smaller that it really was. But now, on top of being jealous of their figures, I am also jealous of smaller girls who do not have this issue. I long to be able to throw just about anything on and look adorable anyway. I'm jealous of those girls who can just pick up a dress, throw it over their head, slip on some flip-flops and call themselves ready. Instead, the good majority of my wardrobe is carefully planned to cover, conceal and de-enhance.

Will weight loss ever bring me to that point? Is it possible to hit that point?

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