Wednesday, August 22, 2012


School started and life as I know it ended.

No more sleeping until 10 am.  No more naps.  No more planning meals when I felt like it or keeping the house relatively clean.

Now, I'm learning to navigate the ridiculous and confusing aspects of Prezi in hopes of giving a few of my lectures a little more umph.  I started at 5:30, and now, at 8:22, I am finally finished with one presentation.

I seriously need a student to share the finer points of the program with me so I can figure out what the crap this program can do.  I know it's awesome, but the tutorials suck and it is not a user friendly program--particularly for people who are used to navigating dummy-proof powerpoint.

By next week, I should be back in the groove, and that groove should include blogging from time to time...though I seriously doubt it will be as frequent as it has been in the past.  I fear I'm running out of things to say.  Or creative ways to say them.  There is my real fear:  my writing aspirations are slowly circling the drain and I haven't even realized it because Prezi is sucking my last brains cells out my fingers.

I'm going to try to find some way to plug the hole so I can keep something going on here. 

And now?  Bed.

I know it's 8:30.

Don't judge me.


Laura Railing said...

Um actually bed sounds pretty amazing! Who cares if it's "only" 8:30!! What a pain to have a program like that! I'm sorry :(( Why is it newer and better always has the biggest learning curve with the most kinks? ugh :(( I am praying you can get the hang of it soon!!

Sheena said...

I was like, "what the heck is Prezi?" I looked it up and it's pretty darn fun! Have you tried YouTube for tutorials? It seems to be a good place to get real people to show you how to do the things you need to do.