Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Ode to Fall

Fall is absolutely my favorite season.  Here's the breakdown in my mind:

Fall=Everything that is right with the world.

Winter=Snow, the possibility of ice storms and subsequently no power, laundromats and gross hair.

Spring=Blooming plants and allergies

Summer=OMGosh I cannot breathe in all this heat and why isn't my electric company a monopoly since I can't shop for a better rate?

There are a lot of reasons I like fall, but most of them will probably seem superficial. 

I love the colors.  Saturated reds, yellows, oranges.  Deep rusts and crisp complements like purples and blues.  Sometimes, I think you can almost smell the color.

It smells like apples.  And there are few things I like more than a fresh-picked jonathan.  Oh, and hot apple cider--about which I am having rich and beautiful dreams.  These days I could mostly give or take Starbucks in favor of my Keurig, but caramel apple spice?  I can't quit you.

The weather is crisp.  Cool and comfortable--especially with long sleeves or a light jacket.  It's the perfect weather for football and sharing the stands with an entire community dedicated to their team in good times and less than good times.  (Unfortunately, my high school career spanned "less than good times" as far as a winning season was concerned.)

There are bonfires and s'mores and great conversations and pink cheeks with hay rides.  There's homecoming week, new jeans and a rhythm to the school year.

And this time of year feels like it ushers in the opportunity for something new.  It's a lot of change all at once, but it's the most welcome kind.

As long as there's apple cider.

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