Sunday, December 16, 2012

25 Weeks--Little Navajo

How Far Along: 25 Weeks

Size: Ryan is the size of a large rutabaga.  At our last appointment, he weighed in at 1 lb 7 oz.  The ultrasound tech said if he continues to progress at this rate, we're looking at a 7.5 lb baby, and that makes me happy :)

Gender: It's a boy--Ryan Christopher!

Movement: Ryan moves all the time.  This week we got to see him actually kick through my stomach which was cool and weird all at the same time.

Sleep: I'm getting enough to function so no complaints.  I don't stay comfortable for long, though, so I'm learning to move multiple times a night and get back to sleep fairly quickly.

Maternity Clothes: Yep.  I could use a few more pairs of pants, and I've realized that a couple more pairs of flat/wedge shoes would be a good plan.  See, this week?  I lost sight of my feet.  I have to purposefully look for them if I want to see them so comfy shoes that slip on easily are likely a good plan.

Symptoms: Heartburn and not being able to eat much due to lack of space.  There are few other things that come along with pregnancy.  But honestly?  Everything has been really manageable.  I feel awesome most of the time!

Aversions: I'm learning to incorporate more meat in my diet, but it's still difficult.

Cravings: Breakfast food--french toast sticks, muffins, milk, cereal.

Basically all the things I'd limited so well in my diet.  I think I'm going to work on giving myself one cheat day a week and then eating really well the rest of the days.  Maybe that will curb cravings (and significant weight gain--though, so far, I'm holding steady at about 8lbs).

What I miss: I'm so grateful to be pregnant. I can't think of one thing I should be missing.

Feeling toward pregnancy: People are forever asking me how I feel, and they seem shocked when I tell them I feel great.  While I'd like to tell you the way I feel is due wholly to an overwhelming sense of gratitude, I need you to know I'm not quite that selfless.

I really DO feel great most of the time.  Per my last doctor's appointment, Favorite and I have learned that my body literally functions better in pregnancy than it ever did when my uterus was unoccupied. 

First of all, my weight gain has been mild.  I don't gain four pounds if I give in to a couple of cravings in a week.  And I can generally get those pounds off if I'm careful about what I eat and incorporate a bit of walking into my day.

Secondly, my blood sugar levels have consistently dropped.  At 16 weeks, my first glucose tolerance test showed my level at 132--within normal range, but at the high end of normal.  My second glucose screening at 20 weeks indicated my levels were 98.  For someone who has pretty significant insulin resistance (proved out by horrible weight loss efforts, etc.), that's a huge win.

Thirdly, while I am certainly tired, I am rarely the bone-tired-cannot-get-out-of-bed-to-function-even-though-I-have-no-reason-to-feel-this-way.  And I don't feel like garbage after I exercise, either.

So when I say I feel great?  I mean I'm trying to find a way to stay pregnant until I die.  This is apparently my body's homeostasis.  And I'm enjoying every minute.

Best Moment this week: Watching different parts of my stomach jump and move because of whatever Ryan is doing in there.

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas!  My family will be together again, and I feel pretty blessed to have the opportunity to share our blessing with people who might be more excited than we are.

And after Christmas?  The nursery.  Without grad school on my mind, I'll be able to focus on getting things arranged and getting material so my mom can get to sewin' :)


Kristin said...

So funny! I noticed in the shower the other day that when I looked down, I couldn't see my feet. It was like a revelation. It doesn't take much bending to get to the point of seeing them, but still. :)

That is truly amazing about how pregnancy has helped some of your insulin issues. I hope that it's a permanent adjustment!!!

Merry Christmas to you, Fave & Ryan!!! xo

Anonymous said...

8 lbs? That is pretty great! I gained 10 in my first trimester with the last 3 babies. And that with being sick and eating mainly fresh fruit for 5 months with both girls. Honestly though, with all four, once I was able I was quite the piggy :)
I'm glad all is well!
Merry Christmas!