Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nursery Imagined

I've been working on some ideas for Navajo's nursery, and I thought I'd share the mood board I put together.  It's my first ever mood board, but you know what I've discovered?  It's kinda fun.  Granted, I would've probably picked most of this stuff even had I never put a mood board together.  But I'll admit the process has been fun so far.

So, here it is:

Feel free to share your thoughts.  Or tell me how I can get that rug (from Urban Outfitters) or the chair (from Target) for a little cheaper. 

In case you're interested, here's where I found the other products:

Crib:  Carter's Summer Infant (Amazon)
Table:  Kirkland's
Owl Lamp:  Target (I had to color the shade red.)
Material:  Etsy (Robert Kaufman Remix collection)

My mom is going to sew the bedding and the curtains out of those materials, but here are a few other things I found on etsy that would definitely match:

and this guy:

So now that I've cleared my mind, I need to go be a better wife.  So folding underwear it is.

No pictures of that.

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