About Me

 I feel I should tell you that I'm much funnier in person, but I'm also a whole lot more awkward.

I call people "dude," laugh in really inappropriate situations and believe that if someone has to use an AED machine on me in my classroom, they should at least have the decency to leave my bra on my body and spare me any extra humilation.

Oh, and I'm apparently a vampire.  (I was unaware until one of my students kindly pointed out that my eyes were the same color as those of the Cullen family after a big feed.  It's my finest moment as an educator.)  And before you cleverly suggest I spend some time in the sun, I don't tan--as in can't.  My foundation color=paper.  Thanks for noticing.

Sarcasm is my language of choice; English is the vehicle through which it arrives.
I don't like to mint my chocolate; I love anything in shades of yellow, and help admin a cloth diaper group on Facebook--FLCDS.

My husband, Favorite, and I just built our dream home, and while it may not be particularly impressive, it's exactly what we wanted (complete with cherry cabinets, hardwood floors and a walk-in master closet).  Currently, we're in the process of decorating, furnishing and finishing our abode.  Actually, a good portion of my bucket list is currently devoted to hanging pictures on the wall or purchasing curtains.

I'm surviving PCOS (I am actively working to avoid growing a beard), loss and the knowledge that I don't really balance on the crazy/hot scale.  (There's a lot more crazy here than hot.)  But to put those things in perspective, I have the knowlege that I can talk like Yoda and sing "Holding Out For A Hero" at the next round of karaoke.

I also became a mommy in March 2013 so there will probably be a billion hilarious stories about my ineptitude as a parent.  In addition, my husband and I got the shock of our lives when we found out we were expecting again.  Elielioh was born in June of 2014.  So the hilarious stories?  Yeah, they've tripled because we have two 14 months apart.

I love Jesus,
my family,
my dog,
Nichole Nordeman
great shoes,
Madeleine L'Engle,
make up,
telling people what to read,
lesson planning,
and, this just in, matching jewelry to my outfits (who knew how fun that was?!).

Favorite and I went through a change as far as churches are concerned--we'd been at the same one for 8 years and I'd been there my whole life.  It meant giving up Women's Bible Study--which was my heart, and praise and worship which had been my life for the last eleven years.  The transition, while hard, has been rewarding.  Unfortunately, it wasn't without it's own hurts.

Thanks for dropping by.  Leave a comment so I know you've been here.  Generally, I send you an email in response.

Mostly, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to walk this stretch of road with you. 


siobhan curious said...

Hi Crys! I've been looking around for a way to contact you, and I guess this is as good a place as any. I put up a post today responding to one of the questions you asked, about running a lesson when the students haven't done the reading. You'll find the post here:


Thanks for the question - it got me thinking!

Anonymous said...

I ward you the Liebster Blog Award!!!!

Established: 2008 said...

Hi! I just found you in a round about way and I wanted to let you know that I did. I love finding other high school teachers!

Samantha said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner!

Fellow Illinois-ian here and new follower! Happy to have found you!


Missy@whatsgoingonhere? said...

I think you are really funny in blogdom too!

Alyssa said...

Hi Crys! I'm finally getting around to going through Kelly's "bloggers in your area" and I found you! I'm also in Southern Illinois. I'm an Elementary Education student at SIUe. I'm glad I could stop by and say hi!

Quietly Southern said...

Hey Crys! My other half is a high school English teacher in the civilian world. It's been a few years since we've experienced the joy of teaching but I remember it clearly. A sense of humor is a must.

Also, I completely feel you on the "foundation color = paper." I have affectionately dubbed my color "neon clear" for the amount of sun I get.

Looking forward to reading more from you!