Monday, February 8, 2010

Because I apparently expect too much...

I am a high school teacher. Since I educate at the secondary level, there are few things I expect out of my students. Here, I'll provide a list:

1. I expect that students can make it to class with all of the necessary materials (yes, this does include a writing utensil). From time to time, I understand that something may be forgotten, but that shouldn't be the norm.

2. Among those necessary materials, the student should possess his/her homework. I don't accept late work because it's too difficult to keep on track of how many days late and how much of a percentage off I should apply to different assignments. Instead, I have simplified the process and will just give a zero to any work that is not present when it is due. Realize, of course, that this means your student will be required to be responsible for his/her own work or he/she will have to deal with the consequences (usually a grade that is affected by a zero).

3. I expect students to understand what is/is not appropriate behavior in a public setting. I know students will talk from time to time, and that doesn't bother me. I will not, however, tolerate "random announcement hour." I've had a few students who've felt the need to let me know of certain medical conditions or belted out grades or problems with that particular class with no apparent understanding of the word "discretion." Seriously, I wouldn't consider myself a punitive teacher, but don't think I'm going to tolerate loud declarations of "This sucks!"; "I HAVE to pee"; or "WHY are YOU failing me?" in the middle of my lesson. If you don't want them to yell it out in the middle of the grocery store (or church service) with you, I don't want them to yell it out in the middle of my class.

4. Along with appropriate behavior in a public setting, I also expect that your student will understand the form and function of respect in the classroom. Whether I like or dislike them, each student receives the same education and the same amount of attention if he/she needs help. I respect their needs as students. YOUR student, however, will need to understand that whether they do or don't like me, they still have to treat me in a manner suitable to my position. Just to clarify, I am not their servant, waitress, garbage collector or personal butt-wiper, and I will not be undertaking any of the responsibilities required for those occupations. (PS. If you want them to respect me/my position, you will probably need to teach them to respect you as a parent. Just saying.)

That really sums up everything I expect from your student in the classroom. That said, I do EXPECT from them. Hard work and laziness both have consequences, but I would appreciate it if you would realize that it's my job to dispense consequences for a behavior executed by YOUR CHILD.

In the end, I expect students to take responsibility for their work, their time and themselves.

Is that so much to ask?

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Sheena said...

Awesome and hilarious! Can you submit this to the paper?