Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Latent Maturity

Yesterday I got a snow day. Chris and I took advantage of my day off (and his!) and spent some nice time together.
On a side note, I will admit that man is so much more than I deserve.
Back to the subject: One of the reasons we headed to Marion was to pick up the new Women's Bible study materials which you see so nicely displayed to your left (appreciate--because without Kate, I would've never figured the picture-thing out). When we walked about of Lifeway, I was just a little overwhelmed with excitement. I texted anyone I could think of just to let them know I'd picked up materials and I was pumped about the study.
Here's the fun part: I really AM pumped. I generally look forward to Bible study, but it's been a while since I felt such a sense of joy at having the opportunity to facilitate something so far beyond myself. One of my New Year's resolutions was to enjoy my relationships--God included--and I believe He's beginning to honor that commitment.
Sometimes people coming out of a really dark place are overwhelmed by any sense of light available. That's not where this newfound sense of appreciation is coming from. Instead, while I recognize that really dark place, I'm also getting to recognize my Savior's constant presence--in dark places, in light places and in places where I have deemed Him unwelcome. I'm not enjoying Him because of what He can do for me or because He "brought me into this world and can take me out"--though both of those are completely true. I actually think I'm enjoying Him because of who He is.
Is it possible to finally experience a glimpse of maturity? Quick, someone tell a fart joke so I can see if I laugh or not...haha.

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