Thursday, February 16, 2012

...Whatever is Lovely...Part 2

Sometimes it's difficult to verbalize the affect of one little word.  But when I see that word in action, I know there's no better definition than the picture that is actualized before me.

Lovely is a hard one.  How is that different from beautiful?  Or pretty?  Or gorgeous, even?  I know broken things are ultimately lovely when they are redeemed, but I wanted to share something that just harmonized with my heart.

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to attend a restaurant with a group of people from my church.  I thought it would be a good opportunity to develop deeper relationships--especially considering I've fashioned myself a bit of a social pariah.  Fortunately, these people are open to the most anti-social of congregants.

I sat beside a woman who is engaged.  She is in her forties, and the man she is marrying will be her first husband.  Normally, I wouldn't qualify a story with so many statements, but I feel these things are part of the tapestry that made the conversation so interesting.

We chit-chatted about wedding registries, and the things I felt were most valuable.  We talked about her house, her dress and her family.  Finally, I got so excited (most due to her bubbly conversation about the blessed event), I asked, "What excites you most about marrying Vern?"

Diane thought for a minute before she responded:  "I'm just excited to marry Vern.  I just love him."

A simple answer was the definition of lovely, because it painted a picture of the beauty of relationship.  Of course, she is looking forward to registries, celebration, her dress, her house and the ceremony.  But she is most excited that she loves this man.  She's most excited that they are committing the rest of their lives to one another.  She's most excited that they are in this together.

I heard once that everyone has a story.  The more I listen to others, the more I believe that statement is true.  And those stories have a way of redefining words into pictures until lovely no longer struggles to be separated from beautiful, pretty or gorgeous.  Instead, lovely is Diane and Vern.

...Whatever is Admirable...

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Anonymous said...

The journey you've taken us on from 'how is lovely different' to 'here lovely is' was itself, lovely :) Thank you.