Sunday, February 5, 2012

...Whatever is Right...

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When I started this project, I really didn't think about any of the words that would come after "whatever is true."  I only knew that in order to meditate on something, I had to write through it.  I've stared at the word "right" for two hours now.  Two. Hours.  And what I've accumulated is a list of things that are not right--which is the polar opposite of any verbage that was supposed to make up the bulk of this post.

I guess it's pretty hard to think about what's right if you can't identify what's wrong, though.  And maybe we've spent so much time brushing off or ignoring the wrong that we have no capability to focus on what's right.  Half the time, we can't even identify "the wrong."

And by "we"?  I mean me. 

When I talk about PCOS, I have a difficult time identifying what's actually "wrong" with my body.  I no longer suffer from multiple cysts.  My ovaries appear to be normal in size.  But my body isn't "right."  It doesn't function normally.

And forgive me for making the comparison, but I think that's a good portion of what's wrong with the church collective.  We know something is wrong, but we seem to have a supremely difficult time identifying what needs to be done to fix the wrong.  But rarely do we ever take our focus off what is wrong to see what is right. 

I sat with a congregation this morning and listened to the ways Jesus loved (the love we are supposed to be professing) the community at large, and I understood that a good portion of what is wrong is the fact that we don't understand how right love is.

I'm guilty of loving when it's convenient.  Often, I'll only love people who are lovable.  Sometimes, I love people who are clean.  But when it's inconvenient?  When people are absolutely unlovable?  When they are dirty and smelly and outside of my comfort zone?  Well, then I'm less worried about "the right thing" and more worried about my personal effort.

As much as I cringe when I type it, love means putting personal feelings aside and doing the right thing.  What is the "right thing"?  It means biting sharp tongues and letting what's in the past stay in the past.  It means paying debts.  It means reaching out even if the effort is on your part alone.  But mostly?  I think love means truly pursuing all right avenues--not just as they relate to you.

I'm guilty.  You are, too.  Because love?  Is hard.  Righteousness?  Is hard.  Focusing on either of those things?  Is supremely difficult.

But we weren't called to do anything in our own strength.

And If love binds us all together in perfect unity, how will that ever be anything but right? (Colossians 3:14).

Whatever is Right Part 2

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