Sunday, October 7, 2012

15 Weeks--Little Navajo

I know you can tell by this picture that Favorite and I are professional photographers.  Try not to be jealous.  And my hair was the size of Texas today--it was competing with my belly, because, WHOA NELLY, what is going on there? 

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Size: Little Navajo is the size of an apple.  (Last week s/he was the size of a lemon.  Is there that much difference between the two pieces of fruit?  And what's with all the food analogies?)

Gender: About four weeks before we know. Favorite is convinced it's a girl, and I get in trouble if I call "her" a "him."

Movement: People are going to think I'm crazy, but it's possible I've felt her/him.  People have described it as bubbles or popping corn, but it felt more like poking or waves to me.  I've felt it several days in a row, but it's really impossible to tell if that's what I'm feeling right now.

Sleep: This week?  Not so great.  I have a small problem with my left leg going numb and that requires me to readjust every so many minutes and that does not lend itself to great sleep patterns.  We actually skipped our small group this week so I could go to bed at 7:30 pm.

Maternity Clothes: I bought some this week.

Then, I walked out of Target and cried.

How did I get so blessed?

But honestly, my belly is so big...maybe a little too big for 15 weeks?  I feel like all of my fat is redistributing itself to my middle, because I'm still losing inches elsewhere.  My thighs (while still large) are smaller.  My butt, according to Favorite, is actually becoming more toned.  (I'm not sure I believe him.)  I haven't gained any weight, but certain items of clothing have gotten extremely loose--except in the belly area.

I feel like my body is finally starting to function a little closer to normal?  And I'm confused, but mesmerized by that discovery.

Oh, and someone is going to have to pry maternity pants out of my cold, dead hands.  Why did I ever try to wear real pants?

Symptoms: Every time the second hand ticks 15 seconds, I have to pee.  Heartburn.  Problems with smells.  And a lingering sense of tired I can't seem to shake.

Aversions: Meat in general--chicken especially, Hazelnut coffee, Cigarette smoke, Pickles, Eggs

Cravings: Milk, Cold water

What I miss: I'm so grateful to be pregnant. I can't think of one thing I should be missing.

Feeling toward pregnancy:  Amazement?

I know people are going to think I'm weird, but every time I look down at my belly, I just stare in complete disbelief.  Favorite and I have several conversations a week that revolve around one thought:  "Is this really happening?" 

But it is.  It's really happening.  Now I just cry at every new revelation.  I don't have words to explain what it looks like when grateful and humble collide, but I'm living that reality.

Best Moment this week: Walking out of Target with a bag full of maternity clothes, looking at my husband and realizing we were both crying.  We got in the car and he said, "Best money we've ever spent.  This is really happening."

What I'm looking forward to: The Gender Reveal!  I can't wait to know if Little Navajo is a girl (like Favorite believes) or a boy.

Starting on the nursery.

Finalizing our names.

Pretty much everything.


Sheena said...

Perhaps I'll go buy some maternity pants since you're not going to give me yours. ;-)

I'm so sad I'm not there with you, but this is the second best thing! Thanks for sharing.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

The maternity clothes story made me well up! I love it!

My thoughts...

Popcorn feeling others have described = gas bubbles

Waves you described = baby movement

I know it's different for everyone though ;)

And your belly looks healthy and normal to me! Not too big at all. Totally beautiful!

Ms. Mathemagician said...

Maternity pants are the best!

I am also excited for the gender reveal. I am ready to start buying things! :)

Kristin said...

Hahaha, I literally laughed out loud at the maternity pants comment. They are mighty comfortable. I'm sort of in between maternity and regular, but it feels sooooo good to put on those maternity pants. Enlightening, really.

P.S. Reader is STILL not putting your posts into my feed! So annoying. Hence the multiple comments in one day.