Sunday, October 21, 2012

Little Navajo--17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17 Weeks

Size: Little Navajo is the size of a baked potato.

Gender: My official appointment is Nov. 13th.  I'm anxious to start calling Navajo by the appropriate pronoun.

Movement: Yep.  Some days more than others.  Today at church, I think she started turning flips.  Favorite is mesmerized by this fact and continues to try to feel Navajo--to no avail.  Finally, he declares that this is "so unfair" and stares at my belly for the next twenty minutes.  I'm not sure what he's trying to accomplish, but I have an odd feeling it's something along the lines of Daddy/baby telepathy.

Sleep: It's difficult to get comfortable these days.  I'm looking for a body pillow, but I haven't fully committed to one yet. 

Maternity Clothes:  Pants:  Yes.  Tops:  Sometimes.

I'm still on the hunt for smaller panel work pants in my size that aren't sold out.  I found a couple pair at JCPenney, but they are sold out in all colors.  Apparently I'm not the only fat, pregnant girl who doesn't like the full panel pants.

Symptoms: Migraines are a regular occurrence--once or twice a week.  I'm thirsty all.the.time, and if my bathroom visits are any indication, my body is actually doubling the amount of liquid I ingest in a day.  (And that number is significant.  I drink a minimum of 96 oz. of water besides milk or the occasional glass of iced tea.)

Aversions: Meat in general--chicken especially. In fact, I now seem to gag any time chicken is in a dish I eat. I have to push it over to the side. I was never a huge fan, but I always managed to eat it. Not anymore, I guess. Also, Hazelnut coffee, Cigarette smoke, Pickles, and Eggs.

Oh, and I had a not-so-positive reaction to Chinese food.  Guess I'll need to keep an eye on that.

Cravings: Milk!  At one time, I quit buying it because we would have to throw it out due to expiration dates.  Now, I go through about a gallon a week.  It's a huge change for grocery store visits.

And ice cold water.  In large quantities.

What I miss: I'm so grateful to be pregnant. I can't think of one thing I should be missing.

Feeling toward pregnancy:  Lately, I've gotten a lot of comments on the size of my belly.  On one hand, that's awesome.  Look how far we've come!  This baby is growing!  I've got a belly for reasons other than the number of carbs I'm ingesting!

On the other hand, I get a little worried.  Likely, every woman who has ever been pregnant comes to a moment in time when she starts to evaluate the way her body is changing and she has a mild freak out as a result.  I didn't really "freak out," but I did put some serious thought into why my belly has grown so much in such a short period of time.  The only answer I have is this:  Navajo is pushing all my fat into the upper part of my belly and occupying the lower part.

I knew I wasn't small before I got pregnant; however, I've gained less than two lbs in the last 17 weeks--and most days?  The scale indicates that I haven't gained a single pound.  So my belly size isn't due to the large amount of weight I've accumulated in the last four months.

And since the baby is growing and my body is accumulating weight in other areas (increased blood, placenta, etc.), doesn't lack of weight gain actually indicate my body is losing while the baby is gaining?

Regardless, I teeter back and forth between carefully watching what I eat and exercising and praying to be a Gisele type of pregnant and realizing that, partly, my body will do what it will do.  My responsibilities are just to be thoughtful about movement and nutrition.  After that, it's kinda out of my hands, you know?

Best Moment this week: Passing my gestational diabetes test!  I have to take it again in four weeks (and every four weeks until I'm 28 weeks...*sigh*), but I passed it this time.  It was just enough encouragement to make me feel like I can pass it every time if I keep eating the way I'm eating now.  Plus, I intend to get back to walking a minimum of two miles a day at least three days a week.  And that?  Starts this week.

I was pretty positive I would fail since the PCOS automatically means my body doesn't process sugar well; however, the doctor said she wanted to see the level between 130-140 (anything over 140 is considered failing) and mine was 132.  She said it was on the high end of normal, but who cares?  It wasn't the 200 I imagined it would be.

What I'm looking forward to: The Gender Reveal! I can't wait to know if Little Navajo is a girl (like Favorite believes) or a boy (like my father insists).

Favorite and I have started planning our party.  The basement is completely clean (thanks to Favorite), and now we're finalizing the guest list and the details. 

Do you know how hard it is to determine a guest list when about a thousand people have prayed and waited for Navajo?

We have decided to do something like this for our announcement at the party.  Favorite and I will find out with our guests when we cut the cake.  Thankfully, my friend Courtney agreed to make a cake and she's a pretty talented baker.

Frankly, though, the pink/blue pallette really isn't our style.  I'd like to do something with fall colors--maybe red for a boy and purple for a girl?  But the inside of the cake should probably stay blue or pink, right?

This family did an orange and yellow gender reveal and I thought it was fabulous.  They kept the inside of the cupcakes pink or blue, but the rest of the shower maintained the orange and yellow theme. 

Feel free to weigh in.  No theme yet, but I'm working on it.


Ms. Mathemagician said...

I think the party could be any color you want! If you don't want pink and blue for the inside of the cake what about maybe green and purple?

Sheena said...


Sheena said...

PS-I'm loving your belly! :-)

Established: 2008 said...

LOVE the idea of the orange and yellow party. How fun.

Katie said...

I'm with the other girls. I think that you can make the colors anything you want. And I've never been happier to see someone with a baby belly! Your posts are my weekly reminder that God heard all of those prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love your belly ~ it is perfect! Totally in proportion and you are g l o w i n g.

I love the shower ideas. Do whatever YOU like. Fall colors are my personal fave.

BIG hugs, and God bless!

Big Al said...

If you're finding out with everyone else, then it would have to be a red AND purple (or whatever) party. And I see no reason to keep the filling pink or blue if you don't want ... as long as you're solid enough on what the colors mean so that you're not confused when you cut the cake ;)