Saturday, January 5, 2013

Over Christmas, I Took a Break

The holiday season is over.  That brings a sigh of relief from a lot of people and a lot of frustration from others.  For me, it's a mixed blessing.  I remember how difficult Christmas has been for Favorite and I in the past; however, it's also the one time during the year we see and spend time with our entire family.

This Christmas brought a variety of blessings.  First of all, my mom retired.

My brothers, SILSheena, Nik-Nak, Gloria & Jason and PastorJosh and the CCL (and Tu-Tu) managed to keep a secret, invite friends, get food together and talk Mom into coming downstairs in order to make the surprise happen.
Pictures, of course, might be a bit more explanatory.
She turned her back to us because she was crying.  Her first reaction was "My kids are here!" because BigBro and SILSheena actually came in a day before they told her they would be in.  Then she realized all of these people were there for her.  My picture of her initial reaction wasn't good, but she was shocked--she even dropped her purse.
I can't believe we managed to keep it a secret, but we did. It was a good night filled with old friends, new friends, family and lovable people. I gotta tell you this: there's nothing like calling people, making a request and then knowing those people will wholeheartedly back your endeavor to the best of their ability.
Not only did we have several people help with food, there were several people who helped clean up our mess and even more who brought a sincere attitude of celebration (like Roger!) for the sake of my Mom's accomplishment.
I wish I would've taken pictures at Christmas. Apparently, I failed to even get my camera out for our holiday. I was too busy hanging out with family, I guess. It means I have no pictures of BigBro and SILSheena at Christmas :( And I also failed to get pictures of the monstrous snow we got the day after that kept BigBro and SILSheena stranded at our house until we could get my car our of my terrifying driveway.
For the new year, my family and I celebrated at a local watering hole with PastorJosh, the CCL and Num-Num the WonderChild.
Tim and Nik-Nak were there and KK got to sit with her new best friend. 
Seriously, though, KK is the cutest kid ever.  Over Christmas she kept tapping my belly and saying, "Who's in there?"  I would respond, "I don't know.  Who's in there?"  And she'd scream, "BABY RYAN!"
Things got a bit more interesting when she asked me if he was coming out through my belly button (umm...not quite, but something almost as uncomfortable) and if he could come out and play now.  Then, new year's eve, she tried to cut him out of my belly with her play knife for cutting her velcro veggies.
She's adamant Ryan needs to play.  And surely he'll love her little face.
Thankfully, she'll be around to entertain him since LilBro and Nik-Nak are getting married next May.

My date was MIA due to work.  Favorite was actually mandated twice over my Christmas break, and I sincerely hate he has to work these holidays.  Thankfully, I have a cousin who is willing to pinch hit--or at least sit beside me during a meal--so I don't feel so alone.

It was a sincerely awesome break.  I didn't accomplish anything revolutionary, but I really enjoyed having the opportunity to lay around and visit with people I love.
And now, I'm waiting for my rockstar retired mom to figure out a crib sheet pattern so we can get on this nursery business.
Before you know it, I'll be posting a baby announcement.  And we can't be unprepared.

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