Thursday, January 3, 2013

Resolutions 2013

At almost 28 weeks pregnant, it doesn't make sense to resolve to lose half my body weight before New Year's Eve next year.  Additionally, pledging myself to be on the cover of People Magazine for losing half my body weight might also be an unrealistic goal.

So what follows may not be quantifiable the way weight loss often is.  But I've realized maybe I need a little less "quantifiable" in the way of goals and a little more direction.  As I looked over my goals last year, I realized a lot of them were about living better--simplification, going with the flow and appreciating my body and its requirements.  I'd like to continue tapping that mindset--especially since I have no idea how Ryan is going to change our lives.

1.  I plan to participate in Awakening 2013 (including a modified version of the Daniel Fast).

Every year, my church encourages congregants to commit themselves to 21 days of fasting.  Basically, the book of Daniel outlines Daniel's commitment to eating in a specific manner to show decadence is often detrimental.  (Of course, there's more to it.  This is an over-simplification.)  The fast asks participants to limit themselves to fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts.  Things like olive oil are allowed; however, other additions like butter, sugar, etc. are not.

Clearly, the fast leaves out some important food groups for those who are gestating.  With that in mind, I intend to include dairy (whole milk, half &half, greek yogurt, etc.) and lean meats (chicken, fish, turkey, low fat ground beef, etc.).  And even though the diet allows no beverages but water, I will probably continue drinking my morning cup of coffee due to the fact that coffee keeps working order.  (Unfortunately, that's one drawback of pregnancy.)

This participation should be a kick start to continue cooking on a regular basis and quit grabbing a handful of this or that in order to satisfy my hunger (which I started doing about a month ago).

2.  I plan to focus on making my house a home.

Favorite and I have lived here for two years and I have yet to hang a picture on the wall.  Not. One.

I've worked toward getting things organized and functional, but some things have limited us from really pulling rooms together and making spaces we want to inhabit.  Since Ryan is on the way, I'll probably start with his room (it makes the most sense) and gradually work my way through the house.

My goal is a homey, comfortable, functional space all of us can enjoy.

3.  I plan to give things my best effort, but let go of what doesn't work.

There is a whole list of things I really want to try--especially with Ryan.  I'm going to read BabyWise.  We're giving cloth diapering a shot.  I'm going to commit myself to breastfeeding for at least a month.

But I don't want to make myself a crazy nutcase if those things don't work.  In the past, I've been a bit of a nazi about schedules and expectations, but I know that's not the type of person (or mom) I want to be.  So I'm basically giving myself permission to relax.  What better way to enjoy a new chapter in life?

Clearly, there are several other things I'm going to continue focusing on:  my relationship with Favorite, my prayer/devotional life, my job as an educator.  But these three things are my top priorities in 2013.  I think the lack of specifics are going to give God room to continue moving in my life, and more than anything?  That's what I want for 2013.

Do you have specific goals for 2013?  Share your thoughts.

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I'm impressed by your commitment/trying out of cloth diapers. I'd like to but I just don't think I can. Hope y'all have a wonderful beginning to 2013.