Monday, February 18, 2013

Little Navajo--34 Weeks/Baby Shower/Nursery Update

How Far Along: 34 Weeks

The cake at my shower included a blanket that matches the chevron colors in the nursery.

Size: Ryan is likely a little over 18 inches long and is almost 5 lbs--the size of an average cantalope.

The sweet ladies from my church who threw this shower went all out.
You ever feel like you've been blessed with people you don't deserve?
Me, too.  (And I really don't look pregnant from the front--I just look
like I have a gut.  Ha!)
Gender: It's a boy--Ryan Christopher!

The CCL (who is sitting beside me) sews.  Part of her gift included some really
sentimental items.  Then she cried and I refused to look at her so I wouldn't cry.
But among some of the really cool items was a wipes case with Ryan's initial.
Movement: He's so big and the skin across my stomach is stretched so tight, it's impossible for him to make a movement without us noticing.  Favorite is fascinated by this development and regularly insists on watching my belly dance.

Two Bumbo seats are totally going to be blessing.  We're keeping one
at home, and Favorite suggested we keep the other one at the car.  That
way, no matter where we are, Ryan will have some easy-to-transport gear.
Sleep: Most of the time, I don't sleep well for two days in a row, and then fall into an exhausted sleep on Day 3.  For the most part, I've been averaging around 5 hours.  So I may be a little out of it some days, but I'm totally functioning!

That hat?  Is a crochet hat complete with Yoda ears.  And my kid will wear it
until I can no longer jam it on his little head.  Oh, and there WILL be pictures.
Maternity Clothes: I wear them most days.  In fact, the picture above should be a pretty good indicator that my belly is approximately the size of a large watermelon and just as oblong.  It looks a little strange when I sit down.

Favorite's Nanny hand-quilted a blanket for Ryan.
This is Favorite's Nanny.
Symptoms: Pretty much all the normal symptoms of pregnancy--a huge belly with a clearly active human being inside, occasional difficulty sleeping, heartburn and slight back pain.  Nothing unmanagable or super-uncomfortable--oh, and if gratitude can be considered a symptom?  My heart is overflowing with it.

My mom shocked the beejeezus out of me by giving Ryan a quilt--her first ever.
I had no idea she was working on something like this, but the sweet people at a local
shop who have been guiding her through the baby bedding process helped her put this
together.  You can see the look on my face--I was so proud!
Aversions: Today I ate cereal and corn on the cob.  Nothing else really sounded good.

The CCL and I have a lot of similar facial expressions. 
After asking around A LOT and looking at different reviews, Favorite
and I registered for a Diaper Champ.  My MIL gave us this, and I think
it was probably the best choice for us.  We do intend to try cloth diapering;
however, most of the info we read indicated it will be about 8 weeks before
Ryan will fit the diapers well.  And even if cloth diapers work for us, we
will likely use disposables when we travel and if we get a bit behind on
laundry.  In the long run, the Diaper Champ should help with either--lined
with a trash bag or a wet bag.
Cravings: Still on a milk kick.  I can't explain it.

And baby boy clothes?  Can be so.cute.  We got a variety of sizes which was
super awesome.  On a slightly unrelated side note, we keep praying Ryan
will be Favorite's size and get his height from my brothers (who are both
at least 6').  That way a Division I Football scholarship might actually be
a possibility.  Well, unless he gets his coordination from me.  LOL.
What I miss: I'm so grateful to be pregnant. I can't think of one thing I should be missing.

Favorite even showed up for the end of the party to help load gifts and enjoy cake.
And for those wondering:  he's well on his way to losing all of his pregnancy weight :)
Feeling toward pregnancy: I cannot lie:  Joy, gratitude and dead panic.

I have an admission to make that I may have denied in the past:  I am a control freak.  There.  I said it.  And when it comes to my classroom?  I'm the worst kind of control freak.  It's not that I think others are incapable; I just have a hard time investing in a group of kids and then leaving six weeks of lessons in someone else's hands--especially when I know everyone has his/her own style of approaching material.

Will it be worse than my approach?  Probably not.  My sub is a seasoned teacher who could run circles around me--particularly when it comes to teaching the writing process.  But it's my classroom.  You know?

So I'm praying I can just write general plans for each week, leave the information and let it go.

Oh, and I'm still praying Ryan does not choose to come early...

We're hoping to instill a small amount of musical talent in him with cool presents
like this activity mat.  What baby doesn't want to kick at piano keys?
Best Moment this week: Sorting through all of our gifts and finally sitting down to read some of the notes in the cards.

Oh, and Favorite moved us out of the trailer officially.  I know that's not really pregnancy related, but now that Ryan's arrival is close, we both seem to feel the need to make our house as home-y as possible.  It's weird how a baby has pushed us to organize things and build furniture (a kitchen table--thoughts to come) in order to feel as comfy and at-home as possible.

Ryan's "bed" for the first 2-3 months.
Another first weeks home "bed."  Fun story:  This randomly showed up on
our doorstep on Saturday.  Favorite and I opened the box to discover BigBro
and SILSheena decided to send us more presents--not just because they're
awesome, but also because they need Ryan to have a comfy place to sleep
when we visit Ohio :)
What I'm looking forward to: Finishing the nursery. 

First on the list is washing clothes and diapers and organizing them in the closet.  I've ordered some cloth-diaper-friendly detergent online and it should be here next week.  That means closet organization starts next week.  But I did want to show you some of the progress we've made.  (This is for you, Aunt Sheena!)

A starting point:  changing table side of the room.
A starting point:  crib side of the room.
Curtains and the closet haven't changed much, so I'll leave those pictures for another day.

The changing table upgraded.  We added a pegboard and decorated with various
baskets and items.  Not all of these things are staying on the changing table (obviously),
but I'm still in the process of organizing and getting things together.  Most of the stuff
on the pegboard will probably say there.  Frankly, I think it was a really useful project
and it came together quite nicely.  We just spray painted and framed it out on the wall.
Mom is working on bumper pads this week.
A better bedding shot.
Still to come: 

1.  Some sort of glider.  They are pretty expensive; Favorite and I are trying to determine what would work best for the space while maintaining our financial sense.  (A $1200 chair is so not an option.)

2.  A couple of tables.  I haven't checked Goodwill yet, but we know we'll need a small table to put beside the glider for a lamp and other things as well as another table for the awesome, dragon humidifier and the super cute turtle night light.

3.  The women who threw my shower also gave me some of the decorations.  Favorite and I are going to hang a bouquet of chinese lanterns on one side of the room over the glider.

4.  Decorations over the crib.  I have no idea yet.

5.  Book slings.

6.  Something decorative for toy storage.  In the future we'll have to develop something a little more substantial, but for now?  Something decorative would be awesome.

7.  Curtains.  Mom and I have already discussed this issue, and we think we have a plan.

And that's about it for now.  I should've taken a picture of my diaper bag that arrived this week, too, but I'm feeling lazy right now. 

And completely excited for this new stage of life--well, when I finish feeling like I'm going to throw up over sub plans ;)


Established: 2008 said...

I'm so worried about my classroom, too! My long term sub just fell through and now I have no idea who is going to take my class! I'm glad your shower went so well.

Sheena said...

Oh YAY! Thank you! I LOVE the bedding! She did such a great job! I'm still sad that I'm not there, but this slightly eased the pain.

Pissed Off said...

Normally, I have no patience for this kind of stuff, but yours, I look forward to. Feel good.

Rebecca Lobb said...

Ryan is one lucky baby!!!!