Saturday, June 16, 2012

The CrazyCowLady

I'm running a 5K.

Since I hate running with the fiery passion of one thousand suns, this wasn't really part of the "the plan."  (Though, I'm currently realizing that whatever semblance of "plan" I had going on is collapsing around me.)  And it wasn't really my idea.

See, I have this friend.  Since it's her life ambition to ride a cow, we're going to refer to her as the CrazyCowLady or CCL for short.  We're adding "crazy" to the beginning of this sentence because the CCL has this impeccable way of jumping in feet first and totally believing everything is going to be fantastic.  Forget glasses and water.  This girl sees life through a kaleidoscope.

And, to be realistic, this thing didn't really start with a 5K.  It started with Bible study.  All I did was offer to help her organize the Women's Bible Study for the summer.  I had some ideas and I'm used to handling the administrative side of things.  She agreed and it was pretty smooth sailing.  (And a blast.  She's hilarious, ya'll.)

Then she asked me to go to another class with her; her step-mom was teaching Made to Crave on Monday nights and we could go together.  We could encourage each other!  We'll lose weight!  It'll be awesome!  Almost every woman who has taken this class has lost 30 lbs!

I had read Made to Crave and believed that the accountability of a group would be a good thing (and I have a lot of free time in the summer) so I agreed  to go with her.  And, truthfully, it has been a good thing.  We're both working with the LoseIt! app on our phones (joined by  my mom and my aunt) and there has definitely been a lot of encouragement and accountability that has come out of the first two weeks of this book.

Right now, our word is "Determination."  That's been a rough one for me.  There have been a litany of circumstances that have demanded determination in my life, but sheer distrust in my ability and hatred for my body usually come out ahead. 

But the CCL?  Believes that having a buddy cancels out all negativity.  Which led us to a 5K.

Yesterday, I got a text: 

CCL:  I want to sign up for the Color Run...Think about doing it with me!  PLEASE!

Me:  You're killing me.

CCL:  Listen, it won't be hot, we can have a fun weekend and we have a long time to train.  We can walk/run!!  Come on, Friend.  It's a good goal!

Me:  You'd be an awesome drug dealer.

CCL:  LOL!  You can't stall life.  We can walk it/run it.  It will be so fun.

Me:  Right.  Fun is not a worry I have.  Dying while doing something I hate?  Different story.

CCL:  You won't die.  I promise.  The odds are good we can do it.  Come on buddy!!

Me:  (sigh that wasn't a part of the text)  Ok.  I'm in.

CCL:  Woo Hoo!  I'm so proud of you!

And that's how ended up committing myself to the Color Run in Memphis, TN.  My goal is to be able to run at least half the race, but we'll be training to run the whole thing.  Thankfully, walking is acceptable.

You ever had a friend like the CCL?  One you didn't know you needed until God slapped her in your life?  Tell me about her.  Reassure me that I'm not the only one :)


Sheena said...

I'm not even sure what to say about all of that. What training program are you using and when is Color Run? Holy monkey I HATE running!

the missis said...

I am training for a 5K, too! The person who is training with me is Aaron, my husband. And, I loathe running. Go figure.

kilipohi said...

You will do just fine! And actually I had some friends that just did the color run here in Seattle and they actually said you end up walking most of it because there are so many people and in the color stations people just stop and get colored!
Good luck.
I don't like to run either, but it's fun to say you've accomplished races.