Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Back to Zumba today after a week layover. Good grief--I thought I was going to die after 30 minutes. Just goes to show that regular exercise has to stay regular in order to keep up--literally. Morgan and I have formed a bond with our instructor (Yay, Mary Beth!) and Zumba is something I actually look forward to instead of dreading.

Unfortunately, I have yet to see a loss. That whole thyroid thing really becomes a frustration when you are doing everything right and have yet to see a loss. I'm making an honest effort to look past the scale (really hard when the competition is based on weight LOST) and focus on how my body feels and how clothes fit. I have to admit, I do feel stronger and there are muscles that feel tighter since we started class. I'll consider that a win.

Of course, emotional issues make it harder to stay on track. It's going to sound stupid, but I was really thrilled to walk out of Walmart WITHOUT the double-stuffed oreos. When I'm going through emotional trauma, I usually succomb to the temptation. I just started thinking about how I look, how I used to look and how I want to look. It worked. It's seriously a first. So maybe now it's a little easier to understand why I'm still a little proud despite the fact that I'm losing this competition with flying colors.

Morgan, on the other hand, is doing fantastically. I'm really proud of her. She's almost to our 15 lb, new shoe mark. Kudos...and more power to her.

Until the next time...and a random rant on Public school vs. other kinds of schooling...

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carbondalemosers said...

You are doing fantastic, Crystal! I more impressed with the fact that we've been going to Zumba regularly. I normally would have quit by now! haha! I did take my measurements before I started the class and I've lost more inches than pounds! Oh well!!