Sunday, December 26, 2010

Debts to Pay

I owe you:

Pictures of my kitchen cabinets (I know.  But right now I'm going back and forth between two houses and I keep forgetting to grab my camera cord so I can show you pictures.  And baby, it's cold outside so I'm not getting it now).

A solid look into the Coach gorgeousness that my parents gave me for Christmas.  If you're lucky, I might actually get a picture with the soon-to-be sister-in-law so you can be doubly wowed by the beauty that is our handbags.

The opportunity to see my cute, cute, cute yellow teapot in my awesome kitchen.  While I'm at it, I'll attempt to get a picture of the furniture (!) they are delivering tomorrow.  We can't have all of it at once, but we're getting the couch and the "Big Man" chair and I am pumped.  Sitting in bag chairs is getting really old.

A joyous view at the television we'll be bringing home (once we pick it out).  Favorite's parents were VERY generous this year and have basically bought us a television.  Now all we need is to figure out the fireplace situation so I can get the living room arranged (and yes, it is driving me crazy, thank you).

A list of the books I'm going to pick up (as of now) this year.  I ended this year by rereading The Chronicles of Narnia and I was struck by the magic of allegory all over again.  Sometimes I'm amazed how fiction will often shove me to my knees in prayer much faster than nonfiction.  I am really excited because I received several gift cards to Barnes and Noble and I'll be looking for a devotional for Favorite and I.  We've decided we can spend 15 minutes together in the morning doing our devotional since that's about all the time we have (unless it's Friday or Saturday).  I'm really looking forward to it.

A brief glace into the shopping expedition I'll be taking on Wednesday.  Sephora (I just heard angels singing) is calling my name.

A couple of house update pictures.  We are hoping to hit some sales this week and purchase some things for the house--bookshelves, barstools, the perfect fireplace (yeah, I'm not holding my breath for that one).

So hold on to your horses and pray that my memory improves regarding that camera cable. 

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