Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today Was NOT a Fairytale

How do you deal with a child who has severe authority issues in a classroom of regularly defiant students? 

It's taken me all semester to get them to the point where they would do what I asked because I asked them.  Now I've been dealt a hand I don't know how to play. 

Such is the nature of education.  Joy to the world.

I just feel like I'm running out of steam.  I, again, tried to stimulate conversation in English I only to be met with blank stares and "Yeah, I agree with him."  I said, "This is discussion.  You can agree with him and provide your own examples."  Then the crickets started chirping and I had to beat myself away from standing up and screaming, "I KNOW YOU TALK...YOU NEVER SHUT UP IN THE HALLWAY!"  *sigh*  Just proof that you can lead a horse to water but, according to my Uncle Jason, sometimes the thing will stand there and die of thirst just to spite you.

Thankfully, however, English III has turned in some papers that are really worthwhile.  Their opening paper discussed definitions for education...and I was truly impressed with how well thought out their responses were.  Turns out, they do sometimes listen when we talk.  And it's such a blessing to learn that particular fact.

I've also really been enjoying English II.  I think it's hard not to like a class of kids who just have great personalities.  We've had our fair share of struggles, but they've been a ray of sunshine for me this year.

On a lighter note, the cabinet guy is coming to install on FRIDAY!  :)  I'm so excited.  Favorite will have almost all the flooring down so I will very quickly update you with a few pictures--more than likely on Saturday.  I'm also going to get to try my Shark Steam cleaner for the first time this week and I'll be sure to let you know how to get ahold of one of those (for a decent price) if it works out as well as I've been told.

Here's hoping tomorrow will be a better day in the classroom.  If not, I may drink the hand sanitizer.

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ktjane said...

I was amen-ing right up until the hand sanitizer. Then I almost sit out my drink!