Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Compilation of Attributes

We are officially back from visiting BigBro and SILSheena.  I documented most of our trip through Twitter and Instagram, so I probably won't recap here (with the exception of a few things I just feel the need to discuss because that sandwich at Melt bears some meditation).  Now that vacation is over, I've had some time to sit and consider a variety of topics:  the school year, church, Bible study, weight loss, etc. 

And I promise I'll try to talk about any of those things as interestingly as I know how.  I sure wouldn't want to take you away from your DVRed episodes of The Hatfields and McCoys because holy crap that was amazing TV.

(Totally serious for a minute.  Did anyone watch it?  The History Channel hit it out of the park this time.  I totally felt invested in those people--though I couldn't quite understand the allure of Johnse Hatfield?  Favorite and I rarely watch more than a couple hours of TV at once, and we found ourselves watching two episodes back-to-back--about 4 hours worth of television.)

Meanwhile, I've wisely been considering which attributes of which women I would gladly take as my own.  So far, here's what I've gotten:

Face/Hair:  Isla Fisher (runner up:  Emma Stone)--What can I say?  I love red(ish) hair and pixie-ish looks.

Figure:  Julianne Hough (runner up:  Jessica Alba)--Abs.  That's all we need to think about here.

Intelligence:  Melissa Fitzpatrick--I'm pretty sure she's younger than I am (anyone know for sure?), but her reading prowess is off the charts.  And she writes so beautifully.

Dance Skills:  Shakira (runner up:  Jessica Alba)--I just want to be able to belly dance...but Alba's turn in Honey was enough to convince me she deserves some recognition here.

Singing Chops:  Christina Aguilera (runner up:  P!nk)--Aguilera gots skillz, yo.  Anyone who has heard her sing knows that's for sure.  But I also have a thing for P!nk's I'm-not-trying sound.  I should also mention that it wouldn't hurt my feelings to sound like Kelly Clarkson, Natalie Grant or Carrie Underwood, either.

Determination:  Christine Caine--I've never had one woman who singularly made me feel so capable and slacker-ish in the same second.  God is certainly using her.

Writing Ability:  Nichole Nordeman.  Or Melissa Fitzpatrick.  Or Beth Moore.  Or Madeleine L'Engle.  Or any woman who has made me feel like words jump off a page into the chests of the people who read them and make an impact.

That's all I managed to compile before our nine hour car ride came to a gracious end.  But surely I'm not the only girl who's ever compiled attributes?



Sheena said...

The voice teacher says Aguilera needs to practice a little more, yo...she sounded like poo the last time I heard her.

However, she's got new 'girls' and apparently wants everyone to know it.

Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Awwww . . . I kind of think you're fearfully and wonderfully made just the way you are. I'm guessing God put you together the way He did with great thoughtfulness according to the plan He has for you. :)

I've never heard you sing, but I can tell you that you ARE a great writer!