Monday, July 23, 2012

A Short Thought on Obedience (Devoid of Profound Revelation)

The hardest part of obedience is actually obeying.

Rocket science, right?  There's something about stating the obvious that really makes me feel like I'm doing the world a favor.  Some day I hope to win the world's most obvious writing award (if there is such a thing) for declarations that surprise no one.

But yeah, obedience is difficult.  I think everything in society tells us that we shouldn't obey until something proves itself worthy of obedience.  Basically, God should show His faithfulness to me by giving me the "end" I desire and then I might have enough justification to obey His commands.

The problem there is really in the premise.  Based on the above argument, it's logical to assume that obedience should result in a destination.  If A, then B, right?  Maybe a few examples would help:

If I am good, I will receive a reward.
If I encourage others, I will receive encouragement in return.
If I take joy in someone else's accomplishments, they will also take joy in mine.

But logic doesn't always work in this scenario.  Obedience may clearly demand when the benefits remain a little cloudy, or are not immediately visible.  (Obviously, there are eternal benefits.  But don't tell me most people don't expect some sort of incentive for staying the course.  I know better.)

Or maybe, like I said earlier, it's time to reform the premise.  I keep believing there's a specific end to this journey.  That obedience ultimately begets a reward greater than or equal to the successes/gifts others may receive.  The real lesson, though, is that maybe, just maybe, obedience and total devotion are the destinations in this journey.  They are the outcome instead of the means.

Or, if it's possible, they could be the means and the end. 

What do you think?

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Sheena said...

I am starting to see that my entire existence is about obedience. God says, "be still" and as soon as I learn to be still He says, "run". God says, "fast" and the next time I start to fast He says, "not today".

I am in a perpetual state of confusion and find myself saying, "REALLY?". I say it a lot!

I am beginning to see that it isn't so much about 'the what' or 'the how' but more about 'the why' (because He said so).