Tuesday, July 3, 2012

He Is My Light, My Strength, My Song

Christ began to speak to my heart about community more than five years ago, but it's been recently that He's chosen to smother my physical and mental being with the same.message.from.twenty.different.mouths.


It means I don't have any excuse to be a curmugeonly recluse--which is my heart's tendency.

But it also means I've been neglecting things here a bit because community is chasing my heart into submission.  (And I've become a sorta runner.  I promise there are hilarious stories and gross pictures of the back of my foot in your future.)

I promise I have a lot of things to say.  I promise Jesus has been speaking to my heart and doing works in my life that are nothing short of miraculous.

And I'll be sharing those things all through the month of July.

So stay tuned.

I'll be back after the birthday festivities (which are in full swing tomorrow).

Until then, pray for my church, my community and my family.  My heart is full of the understanding that our answers are in Christ Alone.

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