Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good News: Grad School

Because we could all use a little good news from time to time, right?

I have another week to work on my paper.

Ok.  That that probably wasn't good news for you, but it was awesome for me.  I'm still going to work on a schedule to try to get everything written without going into a panic.  Currently, I'm one section down and four pages in.  By the end of Thursday, I'd like to be two sections down and 8 or 9 pages in.  My friend, Morgan, says I just need to sit down and write.  She's probably right, because the four pages I wrote yesterday came in about an hour.  I just analyze and analyze and then freak out that what I'm saying isn't good enough.  That requires an extra three hours or so in the writing process ;)

If you want to contribute, my paper is focusing on a narratological approach to Elie Wiesel's Night in secondary classrooms.  I'd really like to discuss narratology as this is my first experience with that particular aspect of theory.

(And hopefully my last.  I'll be glad to have the theory requirement out of the way.)

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