Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two on Tuesday: Blog Grateful

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Why are you thankful for blogging?

I am a stuffer.  It's true, and I hate that it's true, but there's no use in denying stuff here.  When things get difficult, or when I don't understand something, I stuff it down.  Then, when I encounter something else, I stuff it on top of what I've already stuffed down.  I do this until there is absolutely no room left, and then I try to sit on the suitcase and zip it up anyway.

It's super healthy.

On top of being a stuffer, I don't really talk about personal things in person.  I know that's bizarre, and probably stupid to a good number of you.  But it's easier to find my voice at a keyboard and really process what's bugging me, or what I think.  

In the last few years, I've shared a good number of things with you.  I've talked about my former church, the epic fail that is my grad school experience, my son, and the things that run through my mind when I teach.  For the most part, blogging has given me room to have a conversation or close the conversation when I just can't talk.  It's given me the experience of support without the awkwardness of personal conversation.

Mostly, it's helped me find my voice.

A while back, I wrote that I don't write because I'm going to make millions of dollars for putting my words on paper.  If you want to read someone like that, go to Barnes and Noble (or look on my sidebar for people more impressive than I am).  I write because I don't know who I am if I don't.

And I'm pretty sure that's something for which to be grateful.


AndreaLeigh said...

I identified so much with this - blogging has helped me to express things I never would have otherwise. I talk about things on my blog that I would never discuss elsewhere. I'm glad I have this outlet!

Amy said...

blogging is amazing...

the flavor blue said...

I completely understand this post!!! In fact, I mentioned that it's given me a voice to express situations to my ex (because he reads) that I wouldn't be able to in other ways!!! Visiting from 2onTues :)