Monday, November 28, 2011

The Rut

Normally, I post Two on Tuesday, but I'm currently knee deep in the paper I keep referencing.  I'm knee deep because I've only written four pages so far.  (I'd determined to write five this evening, but I hit a wall.)  On a happy note, I've read almost all of my literature and have outlined the other things I'd like to address in this paper.  If I can make bullet points from my research tomorrow, I may be well on my way to finished by the end of the week.



Please, Jesus.

The requirement for this paper is 25 pages, but I'm going to count myself blessed if I can pound out 20 of those pages.  I've set realistic goals for the rest of the days this week, so hopefully I won't get too overwhelmed.  I really just wish I would've known what I was doing earlier in the semester so I had a better start on this paper.

But while I'm swimming in narratology and critical analysis for high school students, I cannot possibly think about Christmas traditions.  Shoot.  I can't even think about Christmas presents.  All I can think about is writing this paper and finishing this class.  I don't even care about getting an "A"--which is unusual for my perfectionist self.  (Case and point:  I never received anything under an A in my English undergrad.  Yes, I am a nerd.)

Keep the prayers coming.  I need a little more inspiration.

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Ms. Hays said...

You can do it! Also, what is your paper about? Perhaps you answered that in an earlier post. I'm debating (mostly in my mind) whether to take an English grad course next semester. All you hard work and dedicated time management make me rethink the possibility of it, though. I wouldn't mind reading; just don't usually enjoy the other assignments.

May the rest of your week be free of brain freeze and writer's block. :)