Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two on Tuesday: Pet Peeves

2 on Tuesday

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What are your pet peeves?

Lots of things irk me, because, according to Favorite, I let them.  But if we're going to get down to my two biggest pet peeves, I'm really going to have to think.

Number one is this:  When are you going to have kids?

I've fielded this question at least a million times since I've gotten married.  C'mon people.  You aren't being original.  I've been married almost nine years--so you can only imagine the number of times I've gotten to smile and say, "Oh, I don't know."  *Add in harmless chuckle and a subject change here*

For the most part, I realize people aren't meaning to be rude and intrusive when they ask, but no one seems to take notice of the fact that the question actually is rude and intrusive.  Reword it this way:  "When are you going to have sex and see results from that sex?" 

Also, our situation has attuned me to the fact that there are many couples who are trying to remain positive and kind when they approach that question; however, they can't field it six times in a row.  It's too much--particularly when they've faced a loss.  So if you feel the need to put this question to a newly married couple, think better of it and bite your tongue.  You may be saving that couple a few tears later in the day.

(If I could tell you all the crazy questions I've had to address because of well-meaning people, you would probably call me a liar.  Or take up drinking professionally.  I've been accosted and questioned like I belonged in Guantanamo.  Maybe the lesson we should learn here is that if people want to talk, they will.)

My other pet peeve is when people assume too much.  Makes me want to buy a shirt that says, "You don't know me"--and not in a referencing Aida way.  We can't always decipher intentions so sometimes it's best to ask a specific question or take a step back.  Either way, more communication is often the best outcome.  Though, I'll admit that isn't always the case.

(I also get annoyed when Favorite doesn't close cabinets or get his clothes in the laundry basket.  People who put gum anywhere other than their mouths or the garbage gross me out.  I hate the assumption that all fat people aren't trying.  It bothers me when teachers don't consider themselves part of the same team.  I need to stop.  There's a whole other list of things that annoy me and make me laugh at the same time.  Maybe we should address that list later?)


Amy said...

My husband does the same thing with the cabinets and clothes too funny..

(Wild) Rice said...

Oh I hate it when people assume things. Just as me! Don't make assumptions. Sheesh!

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Sheena said...

Nice Aida reference!

Mandy said...

Haha I couldn't stop with just 2 either. Yeah it's no one's business when you or anyone decides to have kids...that bothers me too!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

My husband does that with our coat closet. He always leaves it open. I am 60 pounds overweight. I have COPD (very severe asthma) It is difficult for me to exercise and my husband actually doesn't get it which really angers me. I don't want to be heavy.

AndreaLeigh said...

It bothers me when people assume fat people are lazy. I hate stereotypes.