Monday, November 14, 2011

There are Options: Bend a Knee or Break Your Leg

In the movie Mean Girls (nothing like a Lindsey Lohan reference on a Monday, eh?), Lindsey Lohan's character, Caty, says she needs to suck all the poison out of her life.  Of course, this is toward the end of the movie and serves to wrap up the previous hour and a half with a feel good conclusion, but work with me here.

I'm aiming to suck the poison out.  It will probably sound contrived, but I mean this in all sincerity:  few people in any frustrating situation intend to create poison.  Most of them are good people who truly want reconciliation and react out of strong emotion.  If there are sides, then both of them have certainly reacted in that way.  Why?  Because they care.  Because this matters.  Because there are a handful of people who want to see reconciliation and resolution.  But those things come at a cost.

That cost?  That we bend a knee.  It's something God has impressed on me over and over, and there have been more than a few instances in which I have refused openly.  He's been kind to me in those refusals--ever the gentleman.  But the reminder was that there would come a time when I could bend my knee or He could break my leg.  Either way, I was going down.

That particular lesson was also apparent in the godly example of Warry and Tindy (names changed to protect people from notoriety on my blog, because my 5 readers may see it).  Their example was a reminder to me that everyone bears a certain amount of fault and this would be a different situation if every person would own their part, bend a knee and offer an apology for the sake of reconciliation.  We all have something to own.  We all need support and encouragement.  And often, support is there amid the disagreements and struggles--and it's present when we aren't.  Few people bring those things to light simply to wield the "I'm-better-than-you" hammer.  They struggle to understand, share and move to a place where those fears, problems and issues can be addressed.

I have not made, nor do I intend to make, inflammatory remarks about anyone or anything.  My concerns have not been an open forum for others to read and then offer remarks.  I will say something I read on another blog, though:  "Your cancer doesn't fix my broken back."  And that's true.  If you take issue with me, the fact that I maintain imperfection won't fix the issues I feel are present other places.  The only thing I can do is submit myself to the Lord (per James chapter 4), offer my apologies for any issue I may have created and move on--which is what I've tried to do.  Favorite and I made the best decision we could for our family.  I don't know what else could be expected.

Note:  Comments are off for this post.  You are welcome to email me if you wish to discuss something; however, I will not comment to inflammatory opinions or remarks.  If you take issue with me, I apologize sincerely.  It was not my intention to create issues.

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