Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Gurgling--In my Stomach; In my Head

I've had a heart to heart with my stomach today.  It needed a brief reminder that my mouth is entrance only.  When God created us, He made clear entrances and clear exits, and my teeth do not inhabit my exit.  Thankyouverymuch.

The rest of my day revolved around chicken boullion (should I or shouldn't I?) and why I should probably write every blog post like I'm writing to my brother.  The first because you need to ease into things like running or reconditioning your intestines.  The second because we should all be writing to a specific audience, and Ronnie laughs at all my jokes.  (Or usually gets when I'm trying to make a joke.  Bless him.)

Currently, my stomach is doing a bit of back-talking so I'm going to lay in bed and compose a stupendous blog post in my head (that will most likely not make it to fruition, because anything that sounds great in my head flies the coop by the time I can put fingers to keyboard).  Before I go, here are the books I'm currently reading (besides the Dark Tower series):

This book has helped me to determine something every girl will eventually come to terms with:  my mother must have been French.  But the comparisons are interesting.  I'm most fascinated by the necessity of "bonjour" in French culture, and really wish it was something we valued in America. 

This selection is the one my book club (I'm in a book club!  YEEEE!) is addressing at the next meeting.  I'll probably start it tonight.

Thoughts on these books?  Weigh in.


Sheena said...

Bonjour ami.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

I've read the Knitting Club series and enjoyed them quite a bit. Have fun!