Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What If...

My fifth hour class is my "what if" class.  Any story, assignment, due date or expectation requires at least 3 totally extraordinary circumstances beyond the realm of comprehension.  Most of the time that "what if" tendency makes me laugh, and that relaxes the atmosphere enough for them to listen and talk to me.  But today, as I sit at my desk wondering how I can fix some of my issues as an educator, I wonder if they aren't on to something.

In the past, I've responded to them much in the same way Caesar dismisses the soothsayer:  "He's a dreamer; let us leave him" (1.2.24).  But now, I have an entire list of what ifs thanks to their constant prodding.  Like the to-do lists at Young House Love, I wonder if a few what ifs shouldn't stay in front of our noses to keep us pushing toward some goal--even if that goal is an ever-rotating lazy susan.

So today, with your permission, I'd like to offer a few of my what ifs.

What If...

* We asked more questions instead of thinking we always had to have the answers?  Would that change the way I relate to others or my listening skills?

*  Relationship really was the most important part of Christianity to us?  Would that change the way we approach tradition?  Others?  Church?  Life?

*  I ran my classroom like test scores didn't matter?  Would I actually be a more effective educator if I didn't constantly feel pigeon-holed into a specific set of requirements that don't actually measure potential?

*  I made a commitment to encourage others through my words, behavior and attitude?  Would that change the way people react to me?  Would it change my workplace?  Would it change me?

*  I just put pictures up in my house without worrying about ruining the drywall?  (Hey, not everything has to be philosophical, does it?  Some things can just be useful, right?)

*  I committed certain times of every day to specific activities?  (Grading, laundry, dinner, Bible study, etc.)  Would that change my schedule?  My attitude?  My life?

What are your what ifs?  Any you'd like to keep in front of your face?

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Established: 2008 said...

I hate the test scores issues. I teach AP and constantly have to choose between content in a short amount of time and that really awesome lesson that would take four days. I love finding other high school teachers!