Monday, November 8, 2010

My OCD Tendencies

Number 16 on the thirty day blog challenge asks me to share something I'm OCD about.  I've spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure out how I'm going to narrow this topic into something people will actually read.

I have weird OCD tendencies.  First of all, I'm weird about the desks in my classroom.  They all match--as in, are the same type of desk.  When I realized I would need more desks this school year, I sweetly asked the janitors if they could make that happen...and then I asked if they could match the ones I already had.  I tell my students if they break a desk, I'm going to be pissed because there are no more desks available that match the ones I have.  And I cannot handle the thought of having one rogue desk.  I don't care if you find that weird.

My lesson plan book is set up in a specific way.  I like headers.  I like bullet points.  I'm very OCD about how neat everything is in there...and, until recently, I had a thing with highlighting certain things in specific colors.  I only let go of that one this school year.  Anal?  You bet.

My towels have to be folded correctly.  It's a compulsion.  They have to fit on the ledge.  If you don't fold them right, they lap over the ledge.  DRIVES.  ME.  CRAZY.

Oh, and my closet is arranged in rainbow order.  This will only get more pronounced as I get more closet space.  Deal with it.  I like knowing which red shirts are available on the days I want to wear red.

Everything in my purse has a specific space.  Since you'll never be in my purse, this won't be something you ever understand.  Consider it my OCD secret.

And lastly, I'm extremely OCD about the prompts I provide to my classes.  All of the instructions are lined out as clearly as I can possibly make them.  And it drives me insane when people cannot manage to follow those very clear instructions.

I also have a thing with bed covers, cabinets and routines in the morning.  But there's no need to make you think that I'm an obsessive control freak about EVERYTHING, is there?  ;)


ktjane said...

When I get to this one, I think it's going to be about things I'm not OCD about. Seems easier to write.

Sheena said...

How can we all be so OCD? Perhaps that's why we're friend. I have been putting off that post because I can't figure out how to narrow it down. Sad!