Monday, November 15, 2010

A Slowly Crumbling Dream

My dream house?

Currently, it's being built right beside my trailer.  It's gorgeous, and it's completely and totally what I wanted out of a house.  I wanted an open floor plan.  Check.  I wanted to decent sized bedroom and a closet that is in my bathroom.  Check.  I wanted a porch that wrapped around the side of my house.  Check.  I wanted cherry cabinets.  Check is coming.  Chris and I wanted something that would grow with us. Check.  And eventually, I want a huge back deck.

Of course, I also wanted my house painted in a timely manner, and that was apparently too much to ask for.

Which must be why my painter has been MIA for the last week.  Yep, you read that right.  He hasn't been there since last Tuesday.

Paint is holding up flooring.

Flooring has to be done before cabinets or trim can be finished.

All of those things have to be done before we can move in.

So you see my predicament.

Feel free to leave thoughts on how to deal with MIA painters.  I've called a hundred times.  I've left messages indicating we need to lay flooring this week.

No, we haven't paid him.  And in truth, he has maybe two days of work left.  Maybe. 

Well, actually, if I were telling the truth, I'd say he should've been out of there two weeks ago.

Yet here we are.

Waiting on my dream house.


Ms. Hays said...

In my experiences with MIA laborers (aka freelance construction workers of various sorts), he may need bailed out of jail or may be in rehab or may have had an unbelievable/can't-pass-this-up opportunity to travel to Florida or Arizona (it IS winter in much of IL, you know). Or, he may just not have a ride to work. Those are the excuses I've encountered. Good luck, Detective.

Rebecca Louise. said...

What does MIA mean? I always hear that term but never ask what it stands for. I may have to google it after this.

It sounds like your dream house is coming together though and it sounds lovely. It' a work in progress :)