Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fat Tuesday 5/1/2012

The six of you (one of whom is my father and maaaaaybe my mother if she gets around to it) who read my blog are looking at the logo and likely wondering how my participation in Fat Tuesday is going to be much different than the last time I tried to participate in Fat Tuesday.  I applaud your critical thinking skills.  Mostly because I'm wondering the exact same thing.  But here are a few things for your reading pleasure:

1.  I like to eat.  Believe it or not, my eating repetoire tends to go the way of savory much more often than sweet.  I do like ice cream, but sweets are not my dietary issue.  Portion sizes may be...

2.  I've heard several people comment that they do not like organized religion.  Well, I do not like formal exercise.  I love to dance at prom, and I've been known to join a good game of capture-the-flag or tag.  But I do not like treadmills, ellipticals, stair climbers or gyms.  I do not like walking without an end destination (and I fully expect we have business at said destination) and I will not run unless someone is chasing me.  Actually, scratch that.  I probably wouldn't run even if someone was chasing me.

3.  I have PCOS.  A few of you are groaning, "Is she really bringing this up again?!  But it's necessary information because it means some foods are definitely on the "smaller portions" side of the table for me when other people can eat a regular helping.  Those foods aren't bad; my body just doesn't process them correctly.  It also means that a one pound loss for the week is a huge deal.  (You should also note that I'm never pleased with a one pound loss.)

4.  I get frustrated easily.  This isn't my first rodeo.  I've been dieting since I was 13.  So even though I know my body is slow to respond, my head hasn't really gotten in the game these last 19 years.  I still think I should show a 10 lb loss in two weeks.  I lose steam when other people don't even try and drop weight quickly and I haven't had a piece of bread in weeks and only lose 1.8 lbs.

With those things firmly planted in front of my face, let me line out my plan of attack.

*  I'm quitting Weight Watchers.  (I'm sorry, Casey.  We'll still talk.  I still plan to diet.  I'm just taking a different approach that WW doesn't measure well.)  Instead, I plan to use FitDay to track what I've eaten so I can find a more balanced approach to the calories.  (The only thing I don't like about FitDay is its lack of a recipe calculator.  C'mon.  What kind of person never needs to learn what a serving is in nutrients?!)  I'm setting a goal to track diligently for one month.

One month is the goal for now, right, Taylor?

*  I'm taking a diabetic approach to eating.  I do not have diabetes, but my body is insulin resistant.  That said, I'm attempting to regulate the carbs (and protein and fat) I eat in order to balance my blood sugar.  It doesn't mean I'm going low carb.  I've tried that, and it just doesn't work for me.  Instead, I'm learning to incorporate carbs as part of my meal instead of making them the entire meal.  I'll share some recipes here if you would like and give you the nutritional run-down...well, if I remember to take pictures and post them with my Fat Tuesday posts.

*  I will probably try to do something that looks like exercise during this month-long challenge.  I will also share the likely disastrous results.

My goal for next week?  Three pounds.

See you in seven days.


Taylor said...

Yes-one month! We can do it! :)
Thanks for the suggestions on the diabetic cookbooks.

CaseyRhea said...

I forgive you for quitting weight watchers! Gotta do what you gotta do! I still love you - and we can still share our triumphs and disasters! :o) we've got glue to hold us together without weight watchers! :oD <3 you!!

Lauren said...

Found you via my blog via kelly's Korner! I died laughing about your view on organized exercise!!!

thepoleyfamily said...

Found you through your comment on my blog - I totally agree about exercise!! I've paid a gym membership since October and have gone twice. Whoops!!

thepoleyfamily said...

Found your blog through your comment on mine. Completely agree about the exercise! Nothing about a gym appeals to me!