Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Guest Post: New Comics Wednesday (5/23/12)

For BigBro's first installment and an explanation of terms, click here. He will be visiting intermittently to share his knowledge of comic books, graphic novels and literary material in general. Give him some love in the comments or email me and I will forward your comments to him.

I’m on the road this week.  So this post will be short. 
One area we haven’t talked about is webcomics.  Webcomics are similar in style to Sunday comic strips and viewable through a web browser.  One of the best is Abominable Charles Christopher.  Karl Kerschl weaves a tale of anthropomorphic animals that could rival Bambi or The Lion King.  For almost 5 years, he has posted a new comic every Wednesday.  You have some pleasant reading ahead of you.  Enjoy.

Pull List: Prophet #24 (digital)

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