Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Comics Wednesday 5/16/2012

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When you think of comics what comes to mind?  If you said the adventures of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and their friends, you wouldn’t be completely inaccurate.  While superheroes tend to dominate the American market, comics are a diverse medium and not a single genre.  It takes a little more digging but there is a depth to graphic storytelling that goes deeper than the capes and tights set.  In these blog posts, I hope I can open your eyes to some of the better examples.

Craig Thompson’s OGN, Blankets, is one of the best tales comics have to offer and is my favorite book in any medium.  I devoured this almost 600-page semi-autobiography in just a couple days.  It was as if Thompson’s art and dialog were meshed into the basic language of my brain.  I highly recommend this coming of age tale to anyone who has always been close to their sibling(s), has fond memories of their first love or has struggled with faith.

Pull List: Secret Service #2, Justice League #8 (digital), Saga #2 (digital)

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