Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Post: New Comics Wednesday 5/2/12

I'm grateful to have the opportunity to loan my "space" out to other people from time to time.  I hope my guest writers will introduce you to new and interesting material that goes beyond june bugs or Samscratch.

BigBro has always been interested in comic books.  In fact, his interest might be the only reason I ever learned anything about the X-Men, and I have to credit him for cultivating a deep love of Star Wars in me.  Periodically, he will be here to host New Comics Wednesday.  All of your questions and comments will be forwarded to him so show him some love in the comments!

Welcome to the first installment of New Comics Wednesday.   My name is Ronnie (aka BigBro or My Precious) and this will be my intermittent Wednesday guest blog.  Why Wednesday you ask?  Wednesday is the magical day that new comic books are released in North America (and now the UK) every week.  With these posts I will try to give you a glimpse into the world of graphic storytelling from vibrant superheroes to somber memoirs.  We should begin with a glossary of common terms that you will need for this journey.

Comic:             Sequential art and dialog or narration that tell a story.

Comic Book:   Generally used to refer to a serialized 20-30 page magazine format comic.  Also referred to as “floppies” or “pamphlets” but not by me.

Trade:             A collection of multiple comic books into bound format that usually tells a full story.  Also referred to as “TPB” or less accurately as “Graphic Novels.”

OGN:               Original Graphic Novel.  Original stories not previously serialized in comic books.  This is the proper usage of Graphic Novel.

LCS:                 Local Comic Shop.  Specialty stores that carry comic books and other related merchandise.

Pull List:         A subscription service generally offered by a LCS.  I will be posting my weekly pull list at the bottom of each installment of New Comics Wednesday.

Day & Date:    Digital comics offered the same day as their print counterpart on apps like ComiXolgy.

That should be enough to get you started.  This week is a special week in comics.  Once a year on the first Saturday in May, we celebrate Free Comic Book Day (FCBD).  On that day, comic shops have special offerings from participating publishers that are free to the public.  Follow the link below to found out this year’s offerings and where you can find a participating LCS.  Then, go check out your LCS this Saturday and get some free comics. 

Pull List (5/2/2012): Earth 2 #1, G.I. Combat #1, Action Comics #8 (digital)

Pull List (FCBD): DC Comics: The New 52 Special Edition

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