Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Fat Tuesday 5/8/12

This week's goal:  -3 lbs
This week's loss:  -2.8 lbs
Total loss:  -2.8 lbs

I really like FitDay.  I haven't tracked my eating every single day, but I do fairly well on the weekdays.  On weekends, I'm very careful about what I put in my mouth and even avoided ice cream on Sunday when I visited Cool Spoons with my parents.  I do love that the program calculates where my calories are coming from--fat, protein or carbs.  I can set specific goals for nutrition or for weight.

(For the record, I contacted FitDay about their lack of a recipe calculator, and one of the men assured me that would be corrected in the coming months.  Frankly, I'm looking foward to it.  How can you track what your eating if you can't enter recipe information?  Especially since I cook so much at home these days.)

Diet-wise, I've done really well...with the exception of Friday night.  (It was Cuatro de Mayo, people.  I had a date with some of the girls from school.  And fruit trays=more carbs than I should've eaten.)  I'm very careful about the number of carbs I'm eating, and my calorie number has stayed relatively low.  That said, weight loss has been slow.  Frustrating.  In fact, if I weigh two days in a row, I may actually show a gain even though I've stuck to this diet religiously.  But commitment is commitment.  I'm actually posting a few of my pictures on instagram if you're interested in following (CrysHouse).  And I have kept my carb percentage below 35% since we started Fat Tuesday.  (Which basically means I've had one whole week of success.)

Other than dancing my butt off at prom (Anyone else know how to Wobble?  The students taught me.  It was an experience.), I really haven't had time for formal exercise.  Once my final is submitted for grad school, I am committing to walking a couple of days a week.  That means next week=me+Courtney+that unweildly walking stroller.  We should be a hit in town.

Next week's goal?  Two pounds.

After all, we're doing this one stick of butter at a time.


Mindee@ourfrontdoor said...

Good job! Nice, realistic goals - you'll do great.

Amanda Mae said...

Good job on the 2.8! I walked yesterday for the first time in forever! Only did 10 minutes at 3 mph, but it was 10 minutes more than I've been doing :)

Taylor said...

Way to go! 2.8 is awesome in one week! :)

Christina said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some encouragement!! I have to run and do my video before I go to bed, but just wanted to say hi and I appreciate your time! :)
I'll be back to take a peek around. :)

TheView_Pastor said...

I heard about these 2 women walking around town with a little kid screaming num, num, bay and no, no. I heard they were a trip! :)