Friday, May 25, 2012

What I'm Loving (5/25/2012)

I know I've been pretty MIA in the last few weeks.  I'd like to blame it on the constant activity in my life, but my lack of presence is mostly due to being inside my head for a bit.  Trying to figure things out.  Working on this guest post that may be the worst piece of writing I've ever generated.

But today's post?  Is bright and cheery and includes recommendations for several products I happen to think are fantastic.

This is the Fossil Satchel my parents gave me for Christmas, and after carrying it for five months, I think it's safe to hand out my reviews and opinions.

In short?  Love it.  It's really a classic bag with clean lines and tons of room for all the stuff I carry with me.  I highly recommend it.

I used to be able to do anything to my hair with few consequences.  Unfortunately, as I get older and my skin gets drier, so does my hair.  It's a problem because my hair is curly, fine and color treated so even though Suave thinks they are as good as the professional brands, I can assure you my hair does not respond to their formula.

I've paid a lot of money for hair products that  And I was pretty skeptical when my mom told me how much she loves this product.  It was $10 for a bottle, so I thought it was a pretty safe risk.

Thankfully, that was $10 well spent.  Jennifer, my hair lady, commented how healthy my hair looked the last time I saw her, and I really believe it has a lot to do with the shampoo and conditioner.  I get it at Sally's Beauty Supply (do they have those all over the country?  Or just here in the midwest?).  Liters go for $20, but anyone who has bought professional shampoos or conditioners knows that's a steal for that much product.

Earlier this week, I got a sunburn through my jeans.  I know it sounds crazy, but it's a true story.  That said, it's clear my skin is super sensitive and crazy dry.  Most body washes make my dry skin worse, so I decided to try something that was made for sensitive baby skin.

It really is awesome.  Plus, it wasn't as expensive as the Body Butter wash I was using so that's a real bonus.

To the left is Barky.  To the right is the newest addition to our family:  Corky.  I probably should've posted about him sooner, but we took him on a trial basis from a local animal shelter to see if he would jive with Bark's possessive personality.

He's six months old and the sweetest puppy, but he's super active and wants to play all.the.time.  The first few days he was here, Bark wouldn't have anything to do with anyone.  He was mad we brought this baby into his life and he sure let us know he was less than happy.  But over the course of the week, he's gotten used to him.  Sure, they've fought.  But I think Bark is adjusting well.

Oh, and if I believed in reincarnation, I would tell you that this puppy is Alex in someone else's body.  It's been serendipity--that's for sure.  We're going to finish paper work for Corky today, and then he's officially part of our House.

Now that we're on summer break, I'll try to post a little more often.  And I'm working on things of substance that may require feedback.  You'll be here, right?  To help me perfect inperfect writing?


Katie said...

Corky is adorable! But I have such a soft spot for shih tzu puppies.

Also, I love the yellow topped Johnson's lotion! It is the only thing I use that is both cost effective and actually keeps my skin soft!

Amber said...

Is it terrible that all I can think about when you say Corky is that kid from that show "Life Goes On"...

Taylor said...

I love Fossil purses! Guest posts stress me out to no end. You are not alone!