Friday, January 29, 2010

I have a finger for NCLB

No Child Left Behind--as though those of us who have made our way into the field of education hope for just that. It's becoming more and more depressing to assess data and learn that fewer and fewer students are meeting what I deem to be unreasonable benchmarks.

I want to be better at my craft--I really do. I don't mind creating new lesson plans or finding ways to incorporate new/different information into my curriculum; however, I do mind when my aptitude as an educator is determined based on my students' test scores--particularly when some of them don't give a flying you-know-what about what they score on that test. Good grief...good students are exhausted toward the end of a day long assault on their intelligence. I'm pretty sure I started guessing after question 60.

I'm so frustrated. Is my job going to be on the line when it comes to whether or not my students meet or exceed expectations? Should I be worried? Maybe. Maybe not. But I am. When you want to do the best job possible and you starting feeling like everything you do sucks, it's difficult not to think that way.

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