Sunday, January 31, 2010


Due to what we are calling inclement weather, Chris didn't have to go to work yesterday. It was actually pretty awesome to have him home--something I'm not used to since his only days off right now are Monday and Tuesday, and I pretty well always have to work on those days.

We didn't do anything interesting. We went out to eat, bought some movies to watch (The Invention of Lying--thought it would be funny; found it insulting) and just spent some time together in general. I forget how funny he is sometimes. Case and point: we passed the people who were protesting the war in Iraq along a street in Carbondale. Chris suggested we stand across the street with a sign that read "We LOVE war...let's invade Canada and take over!" I assured him that there was no need to be incendiary, but he was already in full plan mode by then. He and Ronnie were making plans to take a few other countries by the end of the day.

I guess it doesn't sound exciting at all, but these are the days I love the best. Yes, we do annoy the garbage out of each other after a long period of time, but there's no one in the world who makes me laugh the way he does. I just love the simplicity of us. Reminds me how nice it is to be uncomplicated (not that everything is).

Tomorrow I have a speech meeting about the regional tournament in Harrisburg (boo!) and my mom's birthday (she's 55...and doesn't look it). Just thought I'd mention that so I can say Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you :) Here's to another great year...

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