Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh Stairs. You are my enemy.

I now remember why starting a new workout routine sucks. My rear end and my legs have been so sore today, but I don't really want to show it--mostly because you can't show weakness around teenagers. They smell and manipulate absolutely anything they can. I did realize that I might have done a decent job on the workout from today when I had to walk up and down the stairs to go to a computer lab with my freshmen.

Note to you: The banister is my friend--capital "F." I LOVE LOVE LOVE that stairs have banisters. Takes the heat from my legs. And my butt. And makes me look like I'm less in pain when going down the stairs.

Tonight, I was going to skip my arm workout due to being tired, but my loving and lovely husband reminded me that in order to get goals I needed to stick to mine (yes, I will be smothering him in his sleep later. Thank you.). So, tonight I worked out arms. With any luck, not only will I not be able to walk tomorrow, I also won't be able to write on my SmartBoard. Being out of shape is grand, no?

I'm thankful though--thankful that my muscles have not been given over to a reprobate mind (haha) and are actually responding to my measley routine. I'm thankful that I have the mind to make this happen, and I'm especially thankful that I have people to encourage me along the way. I'm expecting to start seeing some results soon.

Oh, and pray for snow.

Lots and lots of snow.

And a snow day.


ktjane said...

Is Chris available for encouragement consultations? Because part of my problem may lie in the fact that when I decide I'm too tired to workout, my only helpmate is Delilah (who sleeps 18 hours a day and has a weight problem herself...). And go snow!

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CrysHouse said...

Uh..NuJ...could you translate for me?