Thursday, January 14, 2010

My So-Far Solution

This year, I have committed myself to regular exercise. Along with that exercise, I am really trying to eat in a way that is beneficial to my body. I have been a lifelong dieter, but I've never really learned how to balance meals and snacks. I only ate when I was hungry, but I wasn't eating food that lasted long so I was hungry all the time. I know this probably sounds like common sense to anyone else, but I just didn't "get it." I figured that I could eat next to nothing and then chow down on whatever I wanted that evening. Turns out, it doesn't work that way.

I'm becoming extremely conscious about how I eat, what I eat and when I eat. I've been running a few experiments regarding meals this week, and I've figured a few things that work for me.

1. I'm not super-hungry in the morning, but I try to eat fiber, protein and include a cup of milk. I've found that if I eat two pieces of cinnamon bread (3 WW pts) and cook the individual cups of egg beaters, I can stay fairly satisfied until lunch.

2. I do get a little hungry during 4th hr (right before lunch). To hold myself over, I bought 100 calorie packs of almonds (dry roasted) to keep in my desk drawer (2 WW pts). There isn't much in the packet, but it's enough to keep me from feeling starving before I head in to lunch. I realize that I could put my own 100 calorie packs together, but I'm afraid I would randomly munch while I was putting those packs together. So, for now, this is easier.

3. For lunch, I bought several cans of light soup (about 2-3 pts per can) to eat before my lunch. Then, I bought these Hormel Compleats meals (roast beef and mashed potatoes--4 pts). I've found that if I eat the soup and then the other meal, I stay full until around 4 or 5 pm. I know it sounds like a lot of food, and I can't always finish it at lunch, but my main concern is keeping myself full so that I don't munch on things that would wreck my progress.

I haven't figured dinner out yet. At my mom's yesterday, I ate soup that was worth next to nothing in WW points and tonight I had a Subway sandwich. I'm still working toward a solution on that front, but I've done really well for the last couple of days.

I've also stuck to the workout routine. My legs are starting to feel "tight" with all of the squats and lunges, but I'm hoping for results soon. I don't want to buy any new clothes until I can at least get into all of my old ones. Crazy how quickly things get out of control, isn't it?

Oh...and I've been drinking A TON of water. I have to pee all the time. Seriously. All. The. Time. My bladder must be in peak form right now.

I've decided, on my 30th birthday, I want to wear a swimming suit and not be ashamed of how I look in it. I've got a long way to go, and I'm not expecting a miracle, but if I stay as focused as I am now, I shouldn't have any problems. If you want to help, pray for my dedication and don't offer me ice cream :)

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