Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Something New...but not Borrowed

I'm 20 days into an exercising program, and I'm actually starting to feel some results. I can't say I'm really seeing any yet, but my body is starting to feel differently, and I think that's the point. Thanks to my friend, Morgan, I'm also the proud owner of a great pink crown! It's always nice to have friends who encourage your progress :)

To date, I've been doing squats (sets of 10), lunges (sets of 5...tried to do larger sets and realized my fat butt was wayyy too out of shape for that mess), curls (sets of 20) and tricep presses (sets of 10-15). On top of that, my bender ball came in and I've been doing 150 crunches every night (sets of 15) and working with my resistance band to make that fat on the sides of my hips go elsewhere.

Today, to add to what I've started doing, I joined a gym. Truthfully, I did it because Shawnee College offered teachers a membership to their new, nice (NICE NICE NICE!) gym for just $25. I couldn't pass it up. I'm sure this recent addition will mean some pretty entertaining stories about falling on the treadmill and being thrown into an all glass wall. We all know how graceful I am.

It's a year of changes, and I'm ready to see some of those changes happen. I'm making a committment to a physical change, but I think it's because my heart is different. I'm so grateful God doesn't give up when we do. It's not that there aren't bad just seems like the bad days don't last quite as long anymore. Maybe it's where I'm looking now?

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